Search results

When you perform a search you will be taken to the search results display. This provides a list of the records returned by your search, gives a brief view of each record, and supplies a list of libraries which hold copies at the right of each brief record.

You can see how many records have been returned by your search in the breadcrumb above the search box, and in the text at the top of the results list itself. By default, Discover displays 25 records per page. Scroll through the pages in your results set using the navigation arrows at the top and bottom of the list.

You can sort your results using the dropdown menu at the top of the results list. Choose an option and then use the 'Sort' button to update the display.

The coloured rectangular label at the bottom left of each brief record indicates the document type: this is shown by both the text and the label's colour. The colour coding is as follows:

Purple - books and theses

Pink - journals and periodicals

Red - music scores

Orange - images and visual materials

Teal - audio materials

Green - maps

The text and icon next to the document type label indicate the document format. The format icons include:

      printed resource







Some format icons also appear next to the holding libraries' names, so that you can see what formats a library has holdings for without navigating to the holdings screen itself. Icons currently appear in this way for the formats printed resource and e-resource. An icon is included for each format that the library holds.

Click on a title in the results list to view the full, consolidated record. Click on any of the library names at the right of the brief record to see the holdings information and the full, original record from that library.