Library information

If you wish to access materials found through Library Hub Discover, you must contact the library which holds the material directly (or speak to your own local library about an inter-library loan). All libraries which contribute to Library Hub Discover have a library information page, which includes details such as their website and email addresses, and their telephone number.

You can access the information pages for all of the libraries which contribute to Library Hub Discover via our Libraries page. The name of each library in the table acts as a link to their information page. You can also see when the library last updated their records, and use the search code link to browse all of their records in Discover.

Each information page provides as much information as possible about the library, including a location map and links to their local catalogue and visitor information page where available. The amount and type of information will vary between libraries.

The library information pages are not yet accessible directly from the holdings display. However this feature will be added soon.

Please note: if you would like to access materials you find through Discover, you will need to contact the holding library - the Library Hub team cannot advise on access to specific collections. If you are planning to visit a library, we would recommend you always contact them in advance.

If you would like to organise an inter-library loan you will need to organise this through a library of which you are a member.

Library information pages: errors and updates

If you are a Discover user and notice mistakes or errors in a library information page, please email us at, mentioning Discover in the title of your message, and giving details of the library and the errors you have noticed.

If you are a librarian or staff member and wish to update your library information page, please update your library information questionnaire on the contributor dashboard and then email the NBK contributor helpdesk to let us know of the changes.