Library holdings

You can see the original record supplied by a library, alongside detailed holdings information for each of the libraries which holds a copy (or copies) of a title, by clicking on the relevant library's name under 'Holding libraries', either from the results page or the full record display. On the results page, where there are a large number of holding libraries the list is truncated, use the option at the end of the library list to see the rest of the holding libraries eg.' Show 14 more...'.

You can switch to see the holdings of another library by clicking on its name in the 'Holding libraries' list.

The original record

First in the holdings display you will see the library's original record for the title, including the information, such as publication details, language and format, which the library has supplied in its record. You can expand the record to see all fields using the 'Show more' button beneath the title.

Holdings information

After the record, you will see the detailed holdings information. If the item is a print resource, you will see a holdings table with (where available) the location of the item and the shelfmark. You may also see information such as volume and issue coverage for journals, and local copy notes relating to the item. Not all libraries provide information in all of these fields, so the information available will vary between records.

If the library has multiple print copies of an item, you will see these on separate rows.

For some libraries you can see live availability information, showing whether an item is currently on loan, when it is due back etc. This is not possible for all libraries, in which case the display will say that 'Live circulation data is not available'.

If the item is an electronic resource, you will see the link to the resource in a 'Link to external resource' box. Sometimes libraries provide more than one link to an e-resource in a record. If this is the case you will see multiple external resource links. It is worth noting that links to external resources may often require an institutional or subscriber log in. You may need to speak to your own library staff, if you are not sure whether you have access to an e-resource.