Implications of recent earthquakes on seismic risk : papers presented at the Japan-UK Seismic Risk Forum 3rd Workshop, 6-7 April 2000, Imperial College, London, UK / editors, A.S. Elnashai & S. Antoniou.

  • London River Edge, NJ : Imperial College Press ; Distributed by World Scientific Pub. Co. c2000
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  • "Sponsored by The Kajima Foundation, Japan, The British Council, Japan".
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  • Dedication; Contents; Recent Earthquakes; 1. Observations from two Recent Earthquakes Kocaeli, Turkey and Mt. Parnes, Greece; Abstract; Engineering Seismology Background; Analysis of Records and Structural Response; Conclusions; References; 2. Observations on Damage of R/C Structures in the Northern Athens, Greece Earthquake of September 1999; Introduction; Structural Observations; Elastic and Inelastic Spectra; Structural Response; Conclusions; References; 3. Damage of Bridges in the 1999 Kocaeli, Turkey and Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquakes; Introduction; Kocaeli, Turkey Earthquake
  • Chi Chi, Taiwan EarthquakeConclusions; Acknowledgements; References; 4. Temporary Restoration Guide for RC School Buildings Damaged by the 21.9.99 Chichi Earthquake; Introduction; Objectives and Scope of Temporary Restoration; Outline of Technical Guide for Temporary Restoration; Concluding Remarks; References; 5. Response of Buildings Designed According to the Old and New Greek Seismic Code to the 7.9.99 Athens Earthquake; Introduction; The research program; Conclusions; 6. Recent Earthquake Damage in Europe and Implications for Loss Estimation Methodologies; Abstract; Introduction
  • Recent earthquakes - damage data and descriptionImplications for loss assessment; Conclusions; References; 7. Vulnerability Functions for Japanese Buildings based on Damage Data from the 1995 Kobe Earthquake; Introduction; Overview of Building Damage in Nada Ward; Re-estimation of Ground Motion Distribution in Nada Ward; Vulnerability Functions of Buildings; Conclusions; Acknowledgement; References; Engineering Seismology and Geotechnics; 8. Modelling of Stress-Strain Relationships of a Reconstituted Gravel Subjected to Large Cyclic Loading; Introduction; Testing Procedure
  • Modelling of quasi-elastic and plastic strain characteristicsComparison between observed and simulated behaviours; Conclusions; References; 9. The Feasibility of Using Real Accelerograms for Seismic Design; Introduction; Criteria for the Selection and Scaling of Real Accelerograms; The Coverage of Search Scenarios in the Current Strong-Motion Databank; Discussion and Conclusions; Acknowledgements; References; 10. Elaboration of a SSI Macro-Element with Uplift of Shallow Foundation; Abstract; Introduction; Behaviour characterisation; Modelling; Implementation; Conclusions; Acknowledgements
  • ReferencesStructural Earthquake Engineering; 11. Experimental Studies of the Response of Hollow Bridge Piers; Introduction; Objectives and methods; Test specimens and setup; Experimental and numerical results; Conclusions; Acknowledgements; References; 12. Seismic Design of Steel Frames with Bolted Beam-to-Column Connections; Introduction; Performance of Welded Connections; Frames with Bolted Angle Connections; Connection Design Parameters; Overall Frame Considerations; Conclusions; References; 13. A Transparent Nonlinear Method for Seismic Performance Evaluation; Abstract; Introduction
  • The N2 Method
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  • The response of civil engineering works to earthquakes is the only real and conclusive proof of their adequacy or otherwise. However, earthquakes as natural geological phenomena are few and far-between, which is fortunate from a human point of view. Therefore, drawing important lessons from each and every earthquake is vital for improving the understanding of their effects and consequently for mitigating the effects of future earthquakes. It is in this context that this volume has been written, where a number of distinguished and internationally renowned earthquake engineers make contributions

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