The law and practice of piracy at sea : European and international perspectives / edited by Panos Koutrakos and Achilles Skordas.

  • Oxford : Hart Publishing 2014
  • 9781849464123 (hardback)
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Incomplete contents 1. Introduction [the editors] A. A conceptual exploration of the phenomenon of piracy 2. Piracy and the development of international law (Prof. Malcolm Evans, University of Bristol). 3. Piracy and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Prof. Robin Churchill, University of Dundee). 4. Piracy and the International Maritime Organisation/International Maritime Bureau B. International actors and counter-piracy approaches 5. Piracy and the European Union's Common Security and Defence Policy (Prof. Ricardo Gosalbo Bono, Director of Legal Service of the Council of the European Union) (tbc) 6. Piracy and the European Union's policies on the law of the sea (Dr Sonja Boelaert, Legal Service of the European Commission). 7. Piracy and the transfer agreements concluded by the European Union (Prof . Daniel Thym, University of Konstanz). 8. Piracy and NATO (Peter Olson, NATO Legal Service) 9. Piracy and the United States (Gabriel Swiney, U.S. State Department Legal Service) 10. Piracy and the United Kingdom (Andrew Murdoch, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Legal Advisor). 11. Regional approaches to piracy: the case of South-East Asia (Dr David Ong, University of Essex). C. Piracy and international norms 12. Piracy and the use of force (Prof. Alexander Proelss, University of Trier). 13. Piracy and anti-terrorism policies (Dr Douglas Guilfoyle, UCL). 14. Piracy and international humanitarian law (Prof. Thilo Marauhn, University of Giessen) D. Synthesis of counter-piracy approaches 15. Is there a global law on counter-piracy? (Prof. Jan Klabbers, University of Helsinki)
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