Comparative politics : a reader / edited by Harry Eckstein and David E. Apter.

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  • Special Collection - Scott.
  • [New York] : Free Press of Glencoe [1963]
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  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • Part I. Introduction. A perspective on comparative politics, past and present / Harry Eckstein -- Part II. Present trends in comparative politics Introductory note. General methodological problems / Gunnar Heckscher -- A survey of the field of comparative government / Roy C. Macridis -- A suggested research strategy in western European government and politics / Gabriel A. Almond, Taylor Cole, and Roy C. Macridis -- New Horizons for comparative politics / Dankwart A. Rustow -- Social theory and comparative politics / F.X. Sutton -- A comparative method for the study of politics / David E. Apter -- Part III. Constitutional and representative government. Introduction: Constitutional engineering and the problem of viable representative government / Harry Eckstein -- Classic studies: Of the proper functions of representative bodies / John Stuart Mill -- Modern democracies / James Bryce -- Political institutions / Harold Laski -- Constitutions and constitutional courts: The constitution as a political force / Carl J. Friedrich -- The political theory of the new democratic constitutions / Carl. J. Friedrich -- Reflections on the value of constitutions in our revolutionary age / Karl Loewenstein -- Three constitutional courts: a comparison / Taylor Cole -- Parliamentary vs. presidential systems: Analysis of political systems / Douglas V. Verney -- The English constitution: The cabinet / Walter Bagehot -- Conditions of stable and effective democracy: Political man / Seymour Martin Lipset -- The politics of mass society / William Kornhauser.
  • Part IV. Electoral systems. Introduction: The impact of electoral systems on representative government / Harry Eckstein -- The dynamics of proportional representation / F.A. Hermens -- Voting in democracies / Enid Lakeman and James D. Lambert -- Models, theories, and the theory of political parties / Colin Leys -- The export of electoral systems / W.J.M. Mackenzie -- Part V. Political parties. Introduction / David E. Apter -- Party perspectives: A survey of writings / Neil A. McDonald -- Toward a comparative study of political parties / Sigmund Neumann -- A methodological critique of Duverger's Political parties / Aaron B. Wildavsky -- The party in mass society / Otto Kirchheimer -- A critique of recent writings on political parties / Frederick C. Engelmann -- Part VI. Pressure and interest groups. Introduction: Group theory and the comparative study of pressure groups / Harry Eckstein -- A comparative study of interest groups and the political process / Gabriel A. Almond -- The determinants of pressure group politics / Harry Eckstein -- The utility and limitations of interest group theory in non-American field situations / Joseph LaPalombara.
  • Part VII. Totalitarianism and autocracy. Introduction / Harry Eckstein and David E. Apter -- Totalitarianism. A Classless Society / Hannah Arendt -- The rise of totalitarian democracy / J.L. Talmon -- Totalitarian dictatorship and autocracy / Carl J. Friedrich and Zbigniew K. Brzezinski -- The totalitarian mystique: some impressions of the dynamics of totalitarian society / Alex Inkeles -- Environmental controls and the impoverishment of thought / Else Frenkel-Brunswik -- Cracks in the monolith: possibilities and patterns of disintegration in totalitarian systems / Karl. W. Deutsch -- Different roads to socialism / Paul E. Zinner -- The organization of the communist camp / Zbigniew K. Brzezinski -- Autocracy. The system of the single-party state / Ernest Barker -- Politics and psyche in the vicious circle / Daniel Lerner -- Part VIII. Political change. Introduction / David E. Apter -- The anatomy of revolution / Crane Brinton -- Social mobilization and political development / Karl W. Deutsch -- The end of colonialism / Karl Jaspers -- Political instability in the new states of Asia / Michael Brecher -- The erosion of democracy in the new states / Rupert Emerson.
  • Part IX. Non-western government and politics. Introduction / David E. Apter -- The non-western political process / Lucian W. Pye -- Discontinuity and politics in the developing areas. Ethnicity and national integration in West Africa / Immanuel Wallerstein -- Political groups in Latin America / George L. Blanksten -- Prolegomena to the comparative study of Middle East governments / Leonard Binder -- Political organization. Single-party systems in West Africa / Ruth Schachter -- Parties in Indian politics / M. Weiner -- Alternative ways to democracy: the example of Israel / Amitai Etzioni -- Part X. Comparative politics and political thought: Past influences and future development / David E. Apter.
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  • Online version:: Eckstein, Harry. Comparative politics. [New York] Free Press of Glencoe [1963]
  • Online version:: Eckstein, Harry. Comparative politics. [New York] Free Press of Glencoe [1963]
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