It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be

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  • Its not how good you are
  • London ; New York : Phaidon Press Limited 2003
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128pages : illustrations (some colour) ; 18 cm.
  • 9780714843377 (pbk.)
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  • Why do we strive for excellence when mediocrity is required? -- So how good do you want to be? -- You can achieve the unachievable -- 'I want to be as famous as Persil Automatic' -- Have you noticed how the cleverest people at school are not those who make it in life? -- The fundamentals -- Energy -- Do not seek praise, seek criticism -- It's all my fault -- Do not covet your ideas -- Don't look for the next opportunity. The one you have in hand is the opportunity -- Accentuate the positive -- Eliminate the negative -- Do not put your cleverness in front of the communication -- Don't promise what you can't deliver -- Know your client's aims -- What do you do when your client won't buy -- Don't take no for an answer -- When it can't be done, do it. If you don't do it, it doesn't exist -- If you can't solve a problem, it's because you're playing by the rules -- The person who doesn't make mistakes, is unlikely to make anything -- 'Fail, fail again. Fail better' -- It's wrong to be right -- It's right to be wrong -- Don't be afraid of silly ideas -- Give yourself some spin -- Play your cards right -- It's not what you know -- It's who you know -- Don't give a speech. Put on a show -- Getting fired can be a positive career move -- And now for a commercial break -- Doing a layout means having an idea -- Compose your aid from the weakest point -- Rough layouts sell the idea better than polished ones -- If you get stuck, draw with a different pen -- Suppliers are only as good as you are -- Don't be afraid to work with the best -- Get out of advertising -- Do not try to win awards -- You don't have to be creative to be creative -- How you can make your company great -- How a senior manager can make a big difference -- How a junior account handler can make a big difference -- How a media buyer can make a big difference -- New business -- What is meant by the word 'creative'? -- How to improve your strike rate -- Final thoughts -- My finest hour.
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  • This is a pocket bible for the talented and timid to help make the unthinkable thinkable and the impossible possible. Top advertising guru Paul Arden offers his wisdom on issues as diverse as problem solving, responding to a brief, communicating, playingyour cards right, and making mistakes.