Contemporary ergonomics and human factors 2015 : proceedings of the International Conference on Contemporary Ergonomics and Human Factors 2015, Daventry, Northamptonshire, UK, 13-16 April, 2015 / edited by Sarah Sharples, Steven Shorrock, Patrick Waterson.

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  • Preface Donald Broadbent Lecture All systems great and small; C. Baber ; Institute Lecture Big data analytics: Why should HF/E care?; C.G. Drury ; Keynote Ergonomics, accountability and complexity; S.W.A. Dekker ; Plenary Keeping human factors on track – The design of the next generation Intercity Express train; D.P. Jenkins & C. Harvey ; Defence The aircrew’s task cube: Initial evidence of a multi-dimensional control task model; N. Gkikas ‘Culture clash’ – Understanding the effect of cultural and societal factors on conflict; R. Meeks Assessment of available standards for risk assessment and human factors at design stage; F. Naghdali, M.C. Leva, S. Cromie & N. Balfe Updating HF integration process, policy and guidance information for UK defence acquisition; G. Shaw, T.
  • Hughes & C. Kelly ; Design A marriage made in heaven? Pressure distribution and comfort in wheelchair cushions; C. Bartley Visual accessibility misconceptions held by graphic designers and their clients; K. Cornish, J. Goodman-Deane & P.J. Clarkson A user-centric methodology to establish usability heuristics for specific domains; S. Hermawati & G. Lawson The effect of domain knowledge on interaction with visual analytics; S. Ishack, C. Baber & A. Duncan Specifications for innovation; D.P. Jenkins Ergonomic gear knobs: A case study in teaching pleasure and attachment to design students; E. Mackie & L. Moody The role of co-design in wearables adoption; S. Nevay & C.S.C. Lim Usability of virtual learning environments through design principles; R. Parizotto-Ribeiro & N.
  • Hammond Ergonomics/human factors as a discipline and profession Towards a human performance standard of excellence; B. Kirwan Workshop:Working within cross-disciplinary teams: How can we help bridge the gaps?; B. Mallaband, V. Haines & V. Mitchell Ergonomics/human factors – Art, craft or science?: A workshop and debate inspired by the thinking of Professor JohnWilson; S. Sharples & P. Buckle ; Health and safety History repeating – Or can better learning also improve resilience?; J. Berman Confirmation bias in a routine drilling operation: A case study; M.T. Crichton & J.L. Thorogood Hazard perception and reporting; E. Douglas, S. Cromie & C. Leva Stakeholders’ views on the ageing construction workforce: Preliminary findings; S.J. Eaves, D.E. Gyi & A.G.F.
  • Gibb Human factors at the core of total safety management: The need to establish a common operational picture; M.C. Leva, T. Kontogiannis, N. Balfe, E. Plot & M. Demichela Workshop: Manual handling when is a task ok or not ok?; W. Morris & M. Marshall The performance of plant personnel in severe accident scenarios; D. Pennie, J. Berman & T.Waters Is safety culture still a thing?; S. Shorrock An analysis of the fatigue and shift-work issues in the Buncefield explosion; J.Wilkinson & J. Bell ; Healthcare How do we challenge myths and misunderstandings about human factors in healthcare?; P. Bowie, L. Pickup & S. Atkinson Participatory design of a preliminary safety checklist for the general practice work system; P. Bowie & S. Atkinson Human factors that influence the performance of telecare; P.
  • Buckle Stress in UK trainee mental health professionals: A multivariate comparison; J. Galvin What is the relationship between human factors & ergonomics and quality improvement in healthcare?; S. Hignett, D. Miller, L.Wolf, E. Jones, P. Buckle & K. Catchpole Nottingham University Hospital guidelines app – Improving accessibility to 650 hospital clinical guidelines; A. Kwa, M. Carter, D. Page, T.Wilson, M. Brown & B. Baxendale The measurement of patient safety culture; progress but still a long way to go; P.Waterson Smartpowerchair: To boldly go where a powerchair has not gone before; P. Whittington, H. Dogan & K. Phalp ; Job design The psychology of mobile working: Productivity and wellbeing in the contemporary workplace; P.W. Jordan & J. Taylour ERGOWORK: European perceptions of workplace inclusion and application of ergonomics; L. Moody & J.
  • Saunders Subjective productivity in different states of thermal comfort; E. Oliveira, A. Xavier & A. Michaloski The good job score: Associations with positive and negative outcomes; A.P. Smith & E.J.K.Wadsworth Standards framework to support job synthesis associated with HCI; M. Tainsh Physical discomfort and mobile working:Wellbeing approach to healthy best practice; J. Taylour & P.W. Jordan Assessing multiple factors of well-being using single-item measures; G.M.Williams The sources of risk to health associated with new technologies in the office environment; T.A.Winski, J.O. Crawford, R.A. Graveling, T. Lansdown & G.Walker ; Manufacturing Your new colleague is a robot. Is that ok?; R.L. Charles, G. Charalambous & S.R. Fletcher Search strategies in human visual inspection; R.L. Charles, M. Tailor & S.R.
  • Fletcher The case for the development of novel human skills capture methodologies; J.W. Everitt & S.R. Fletcher A comparison of user requirements and expectations for cloud manufacturing; D. Golightly, H.Wagner & S. Sharples The limitations of using only CAD and DHM in design relating to high value manufacturing; T.L. Johnson & S.R. Fletcher Elimination of non-value-adding operations and its effect on exposure variation at an order-picking workplace; M. Kelterborn, V. Jeschke, S. Meissner, C. Intra & W.A. Günthner Job design for manufacturing in an era of sustainability; M.A. Sinclair, C.E. Siemieniuch & M.J.D. Henshaw Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ergonomics approach in developing new cars: Virtual simulations and physical validation; S. Spada, D. Germanà, F. Sessa & L. Ghibaudo ; Mobile Fame or function? How webcomic artists choose where to share; L. Dowthwaite, R.
  • Houghton & R. Mortier From dialling to tapping: Attitudes of young users to mobile phones; J. Fowler & J. Noyes The impact of task workflow design on citizen science users and results; J. Sprinks, R. Houghton, S. Bamford & J. Morley Mobile technology and new ways of working – Is it helping or hindering health and productivity?; J. Taylour & P.W. Jordan ; Stress Ethnicity and work-related stress: Migrant workers in Southern Italy; R. Capasso & M.C. Zurlo Religious behaviour as a buffer against occupational stress; J. Fonberg Stress, health and wellbeing in call centre employees; H. McFarlane, R. Neil & K. Backx Understanding police occupational stress and its consequences; K.V. Nelson Stress and wellbeing at work: An update; A.P. Smith The combined effects of occupational stressors on health and wellbeing in the offshore oil industry; A.P. Smith & R.L.
  • McNamara ; Transport Communication on the bridge of a ship; P. Allen & A.P. Smith Where is the platform? Wrong side door release at train stations; D. Basacik & H. Gibson Implementation of remote condition monitoring system for predictive maintenance: An organisational challenge; L. Ciocoiu, E.-M. Hubbard & C.E. Siemieniuch Identifying a set of gestures for in-car touch screens; A.L. Eren, G. Burnett, S. Thompson, C. Harvey & L. Skrypchuk A systems-based approach to understanding slips, trips, and falls among older rail passeng
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