Rook's textbook of dermatology

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  • Textbook of dermatology
  • 9th ed.
  • Chichester, England : Wiley Blackwell 2016
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  • List of Associate Editors List of Contributors Preface to the Ninth Edition Preface to the First Edition VOLUME 1 Part 1 Foundations of Dermatology 1 History of Dermatology; Nick J. Levell 2 Structure and Function of the Skin; John A. McGrath and Jouni Uitto 3 Histopathology of the Skin: General Principles; Eduardo Calonje with a contribution from Balbir S. Bhogal (Immunofluorescence techniques) 4 Diagnosis of Skin Disease; Ian H. Coulson, Emma C. Benton and Stephanie Ogden 5 Epidemiology of Skin Disease; Hywel C. Williams 6 Health Economics and Skin Disease; Matthias Augustin and Magdalene Krensel 7 Genetics and the Skin; John A. McGrath 8 Inflammation, Immunology and Allergy; Martin Steinhoff 9 Photobiology; Antony R.
  • Young 10 Cutaneous Response to Injury and Wound Healing; Edel A. O’Toole 11 Psychological and Social Impact of Long-term Dermatological Conditions; Christine Bundy and Lis Cordingley 12 Adverse Immunological Reactions to Drugs; Michael R. Ardern‐Jones 13 Topical Drug Delivery; Richard H. Guy 14 Clinical Pharmacology; Catherine H. Smith Part 2 Management 15 Principles of Holistic Management of Skin Disease; Sam Gibbs 16 Principles of Measurement and Assessment in Dermatology; Andrew Y. Finlay 17 Principles of Evidence‐based Dermatology; Michael Bigby and Hywel C. Williams 18 Principles of Topical Therapy; John Berth‐Jones 19 Principles of Systemic Therapy; Michael J. Tidman and Catherine H. Smith 20 Principles of Skin Surgery; S. Walayat Hussain, Richard J.
  • Motley and Timothy S. Wang 21 Principles of Phototherapy; Kevin McKenna and Sally Ibbotson 22 Principles of Photodynamic Therapy; Sally Ibbotson and Kevin McKenna 23 Principles of Cutaneous Laser Therapy; Vishal Madan and Richard J. Barlow 24 Principles of Radiotherapy; Charles G. Kelly and John Frew Part 3 Infections and Infestations 25 Viral Infections; Jane C. Sterling 26 Bacterial Infections; Roderick J. Hay and Rachael Morris‐Jones 27 Mycobacterial Infections; Victoria M. Yates and Stephen L. Walker 28 Leprosy; Diana N. J. Lockwood Introduction to Chapters 29 and 30: Global Overview of Sexually Transmitted Infections; George R. Kinghorn and Rasha Omer 29 Syphilis and Congenital Syphilis; George R.
  • Kinghorn and Rasha Omer 30 Other Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Diseases; George R. Kinghorn, Aparna Briggs and Nadi K. Gupta 31 HIV and the Skin; Christopher B. Bunker and Vincent Piguet 32 Fungal Infections; Roderick J. Hay and H. Ruth Ashbee 33 Parasitic Diseases; Christopher Downing and Stephen Tyring 34 Arthropods; Gentiane Monsel, Pascal Delaunay and Olivier Chosidow Index VOLUME 2 Part 4 Inflammatory Dermatoses 35 Psoriasis and Related Disorders; A. David Burden and Brian Kirby 36 Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris; Anthony C. Chu 37 Lichen Planus and Lichenoid Disorders; Vincent Piguet, Stephen M. Breathnach and Laurence Le Cleach 38 Graft‐versus‐host Disease; Tanya N. Basu 39 Eczematous Disorders; John R.
  • Ingram 40 Seborrhoeic Dermatitis; Sarah Wakelin 41 Atopic Eczema; Michael R. Ardern‐Jones, Carsten Flohr, Nick J. Reynolds and Colin A. Holden 42 Urticaria; Clive E. H. Grattan and Alexander M. Marsland 43 Recurrent Angio‐oedema without Weals; Clive E. H. Grattan and Marcus Maurer 44 Urticarial Vasculitis; Elena Borzova and Clive E. H. Grattan 45 Autoinflammatory Diseases Presenting in the Skin; Dan Lipsker, Clive E. H. Grattan and Christopher R. Lovell 46 Mastocytosis; Clive E. H. Grattan and Deepti H. Radia 47 Reactive Inflammatory Erythemas; Malcolm Rustin and Rino Cerio 48 Adamantiades–Behçet Disease; Christos C. Zouboulis 49 Neutrophilic Dermatoses; Anthony D. Ormerod and Philip J.
  • Hampton 50 Immunobullous Diseases; Enno Schmidt and Richard Groves 51 Lupus Erythematosus; Mark Goodfield, Jan Dutz and Collette McCourt 52 Antiphospholipid Syndrome; Mark Goodfield and Shyamal Wahie 53 Dermatomyositis; Patrick Gordon and Daniel Creamer 54 Mixed Connective Tissue Disease; Mark Goodfield 55 Dermatological Manifestations of Rheumatoid Disease; Mark Goodfield 56 Systemic Sclerosis; Catherine H. Orteu and Christopher P. Denton 57 Morphoea and Allied Scarring and Sclerosing Inflammatory Dermatoses; Catherine H. Orteu Part 5 Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders Affecting the Skin 58 Cutaneous Amyloidoses; Stephan Schreml 59 Cutaneous Mucinoses; Franco Rongioletti 60 Cutaneous Porphyrias; Robert P. E.
  • Sarkany 61 Calcification of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue; Johnny Bourke 62 Xanthomas and Abnormalities of Lipid Metabolism and Storage; Paul D. Flynn 63 Nutritional Disorders Affecting the Skin; Derek H. Chu, Melinda V. Jen and Albert C. Yan 64 Skin Disorders in Diabetes Mellitus; Johnny Bourke Part 6 Genetic Disorders Involving the Skin 65 Inherited Disorders of Cornification; Vinzenz Oji, Dieter Metze and Heiko Traupe 66 Inherited Acantholytic Disorders; Mozheh Zamiri and Colin S. Munro 67 Ectodermal Dysplasias; Peter Itin 68 Inherited Hair Disorders; Eli Sprecher 69 Genetic Defects of Nails and Nail Growth; Adam Rubin and Amy S.
  • Paller 70 Genetic Disorders of Pigmentation; Alain Taieb, Fanny Morice‐Picard and Khaled Ezzedine 71 Genetic Blistering Diseases; John A. McGrath 72 Genetic Disorders of Collagen, Elastin and Dermal Matrix; Nigel Burrows 73 Disorders Affecting Cutaneous Vasculature; Anne Dompmartin, Nicole Revencu, Laurence M. Boon and Miikka Vikkula 74 Genetic Disorders of Adipose Tissue; George W. M. Millington 75 Congenital Naevi and Other Developmental Abnormalities Affecting the Skin; Veronica A. Kinsler and Neil J. Sebire 76 Chromosomal Disorders; Alan D. Irvine and Jemima E. Mellerio 77 Poikiloderma Syndromes; Alan D. Irvine and Jemima E. Mellerio 78 DNA Repair Disorders with Cutaneous Features; Hiva Fassihi 79 Synd
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  • 'Rook's Textbook of Dermatology' is one of the most comprehensive reference works for dermatologists of all levels worldwide and has been at the forefront of international dermatology publishing since first appearing in 1968. The ninth edition has been radically re-engineered to match the modern day challenges faced by dermatologists. Once again it has been published as a combined digital and print resource, but with a new online platform enabling easier and faster navigation. A common structure to describe and discuss each disorder has been adopted throughout, whilst maintaining the depth of information for which Rook is renowned.