Philosophy in schools : an introduction for philosophers and teachers / edited by Sara Goering, Nicholas J. Shudak, and Thomas E. Wartenberg.

  • New York : Routledge 2013
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xiv, 311 p. ; 24 cm.
  • 9780415640633 (hbk)
  • 0415640636 (hbk)
  • 9780203082652 (ebk)
  • 0203082656 (ebk)
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Preface: "Do not delay!" -- Introduction / Sara Goering, Nicholas J. Shudak, and Thomas E. Wartenberg -- 1. Models for getting philosophy to young people : Teachers bringing philosophy into the classroom / Wendy Turgeon ; The need for philosophical frameworks in teacher education / Nicholas J. Shudak ; Elementary school philosophy / Thomas E. Wartenberg ; A p4c experiment: the high school philosopher in residence / Benjamin Lukey ; Creating engaging philosophy summer camps / John Simpson ; Precollege philosophy education: what can it be? The IAPC model / Maughn Gregory ; Does philosophy fit in Caxias? A Latin American project / Walter Omar Kohan -- 2. Ideas from bringing philosophy into the K-8 classroom : Philosophical rules of engagement / Thomas Jackson ; Developing philosophical facilitation: a toolbox of philosophical "moves" / David Kennedy ; Philosophy in the great green room: early children's literature as philosophy for children / Rory E. Kraft, Jr. ; Teaching philosophy to young children / Berys Gaut and Morag Gaut ; Philosophical children's literature for upper elementary and middle school / Claudia Mills ; The moral impulse: talking about moral philosophy and genocide with middle school students / Jana Mohr one ; Engaging students -- of any age -- in philosophical inquiry: how doing philosophy for children changed the way I teach philosophy to college students / David A. Shapiro
  • 3. Ideas for philosophy at the high school level : A different education: philosophy and high school / Michael D. Burroughs ; Introducing philosophy courses in high school / Arik Ben-Avi ; Finding philosophy in high school literature: A separate peace and Beloved / Sara Goering ; Philosophy in the high school classroom: film and literature / Marina Vladova ; Project High-Phi / Mitchell Green ; Philosophy across the ages: some observations on content and strategy / Kirsten Jacobson -- 4. Strategies for assessment : Can philosophy find a place in the K-12 curriculum? / Deanna Kuhn, Nicole Zillmer, and Valerie Khait ; A whole school approach to philosophy in schools: outcomes and observations / Lynne Hinton and Sarah Davey Chesters ; Examining the effects of philosophy classes on the early development of argumentation skills / Caren M. Walker, Thomas E. Wartenberg, and Ellen Winner ; Assessing the outcomes of philosophical thinking with children / Steve Tickey and Keith Topping ; Unexpected philosophers: the advantages of teaching philosophy for disadvantaged children / Lena Harwood Pacheco.
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