Principles of developmental genetics / [editor], Sally A. Moody.

  • Amsterdam ; London : Elsevier Academic Press c2007
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xiv, 1055 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.
  • 9780123695482 (acid-free paper)
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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Preface / Sally A. Moody -- Pt. 1. The impact of genetic and genomic tools on developmental biology -- Untangling the Gordian knot: cell signaling events that instruct development / Renée V. Hoch and Philippe Soriano -- Finding gene expression changes using microarray technology / Tadayoshi Hayata and Ken W.Y. Cho -- Chemical and functional genomic approaches to study stem cell biology and regeneration / Wen Xiong and Sheng Ding -- Assessing neural stem cell properties using large-scale genomic analysis / Soojung Shin, Jonathan D. Chesnut, and Mahendra S. Rao -- Epigenetic influences on gene expression pathways / Sundeep Kalantry and Terry Magnuson -- New insights into vertebrate origins / Billie J. Swalla -- Understanding human birth defects through model organism studies / Feyza Engin and Brendan Lee -- Pt. 2. Early embryology, fate determination, and patterning -- Germ line determinants and oogenesis / Kelly M. Haston and Renee A. Reijo Pera -- Patterning the anterior-posterior axis during drosophila embryogenesis / Kristy L. Kenyon -- Anterior-posterior patterning in mammals / Sigolène M. Meilhac -- Signaling cascades, gradients, and gene networks in dorsal/ventral patterning / Girish S. Ratnaparkhi and Albert J. Courey -- Early development of epidermis and neural tissue / Keiji Itoh and Sergei Y. Sokol -- Formation of the embryonic mesoderm / Lisa L. Chang and Daniel S. Kessler -- Endoderm / Débora Sinner, James M. Wells, and Aaron M. Zorn -- Notch signaling: a versatile tool for the fine patterning of cell fate in development / Ajay B. Chitnis -- Multiple roles of T-box genes / L. A. Naiche and Virginia E. Papaioannou -- Pt. 3. Morphogenetic and cell movements -- Gastrulation in vertebrates / Lilianna Solnica-Krezel and Diane S. Sepich -- Regulation of tissue separation in the amphibian embryo / Herbert Steinbeisser -- Role of the basement membrane in cell migration / Kiyoji Nishiwaki and Yukihiko Kubota -- Epithelial Morphogenesis / Ronit Wilk and Howard D. Lipshitz -- Branching morphogenesis of mammalian epithelia / Jamie Davies -- The roles of ephrin-eph in morphogenesis / Ira O. Daar -- Pt. 4. Ectodermal organs -- Neural cell fate determination / Stephen N. Sansom and Frederick J. Livesey -- Pathfinding and patterning of axonal connections / Stephanie A. Linn, Stephanie R. Kadison, and Catherine E. Krull -- Retinal development / Kathryn B. Moore and Monica L. Vetter -- Neural crest determination / Roberto Mayor -- Determination of preplacodal ectoderm and sensory placodes / Sally A. Moody -- Molecular genetics of tooth development / Irma Thesleff -- The inner ear / Donna F. Fekete and Ulrike J. Sienknecht -- Craniofacial formation and congenital defects / S.A. Brugmann and J. A. Helms -- Pt. 5. Mesodermal organs -- Induction of the cardiac lineage / Andrew S. Warkman and Paul A. Krieg -- Heart patterning and congenital defects / John W. Belmont -- Blood vessel formation / Karina Yaniv and Brant M. Weinstein -- Blood induction and embryonic formation / Xiaoying Bai and Leonard I. Zon -- Topics in vertebrate kidney formation: a comparative perspective / Thomas M. Schultheiss -- Development of the genital system / Hongling Du and Hugh S. Taylor -- Diaphragmatic defects / Kate G. Ackerman and David R. Beier -- Formation of vertebrate limbs / Yingzi Yang -- Skeletal development / Peter G. Alexander, Amanda T. Boyce, and Rocky S. Tuan -- Pt. 6. Endodermal organs -- Patterning the embryonic endoderm into presumptive organ domains / Billie A. Moore-Scott and James M. Wells -- Developmental genetics of the pulmonary system / Thomas J. Mariani -- Pancreas Development and stem cells / Maureen Gannon -- Early liver development and hepatic progenitor cells / Jay D. Kormish and Kenneth S. Zaret -- Intestinal stem cells in physiologic regeneration and disease / David H. Scoville ... [et al.].
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