Sound unbound : sampling digital music and culture / edited by Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky that subliminal kid

  • Cambridge, Mass. ; London : MIT c2008
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426p. ; + CD
  • 9780262633635
  • Includes audio CD
  • Foreword by Cory Doctorow / Sample Chapter -- An Introduction, or My (Ambiguous) Life with Technology / Steve Reich -- In Through the Out Door: Sampling and the Creative Act / Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid -- The Future of Language / Saul Williams -- The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism Mosaic / Joanathan Lethem -- "Roots and Wires" Remix: Polyrhythmic Tricks and the Black Electronic / Erik Davis -- The Life and Death of Media / Bruce Sterling -- Un-imagining Utopia / Dick Hebdige -- Freaking the Machine: A Discussion about Keith Obadike's Sexmachines / Keith Obadike and Mendi Obadike -- Freeze Frame: Audio, Aesthetics, Sampling, and Contemporary Multimedia / Ken Jordan and Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid -- A Theater of Ideas: An Interview with Steve Reich and Beryl Korot on Three Tales / David Allenby -- Quantum Improvisation: The Cybernetic Presence / Pauline Oliveros -- The Ghost Outside the Machine / Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud -- The Musician as Thief: Digital Culture and Copyright Law / Daphne Keller -- Integrated Systems: Mobile Stealth Unit / Beth Coleman and Howard Goldkrand -- An Interview with Moby / Lucy Walker -- Zing! Went the Strings / Joseph Lanza -- Renegade Academia / Simon Reynolds -- The World of Sound: A Division of Raymond Scott Enterprises / Jeff E. Winner -- From Hip-Hip to Flip-Flop: Black Noise in the Master?Slave Circuit / Ron Eglash -- South Africa's Rhythms of Resistance / Lee Hirsch -- The Virtual Breeding of Sound / Manuel DeLanda -- Zoom: Mining Acceleration / Liminal Product: Frances Dyson and Douglas Kahn -- An Interview with Alex Steinweiss / Carlo McCormick -- Stop. Hey. What's That Sound? / Ken Jordan -- Permuting Connections: Software for Dancers / Scott deLahunta -- On Improvisation, Temporality, and Embodied Experience / Vijay Iyer -- Spin the Painting: An Interview with Nadine Robinson / Alondra Nelson -- Camera Lucida: Three-dimensional Sonochemical Observatory / Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand -- Fear of a Muslim Planet: Hip-Hop's Hidden History / Naeem Mohaiemen -- Three Pieces / Chuck D -- Bells and Their History / Brian Eno -- What One Must Do: Comments and Asides on Musical Philosophy / Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) -- An Interview with Pierre Boulez / Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Philippe Parreno -- Adh?an: The Sounds of an Islamized Orthodoxy / Ibrahim Quraishi -- Theater of the Spirits: Joseph Cornell and Silence / Catherine Corman -- Where Did the Music Go? / Jaron Lanier
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