Early Hellenistic coinage : from the accession of Alexander to the Peace of Apamea (336-188 B.C.) / by Otto Mørkholm ; edited by Philip Grierson and Ulla Westermark.

  • Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press 1991
Physical description
xxii, 273 pages, XLV pages of plates : illustrations ; 27 cm
  • 0521395046
  • 9780521395045
  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 209-240) and index.
  • Maps on lining papers.
  • Pt. I. General features of the coinage. Metals and weight standards. (a) Metals ; (b) Weight standards -- Coin production and use. (a) Minting technique ; (b) Coin production ; (c) Coin circulation ; (d) The functions of coinage -- Types and inscription. (a) Types ; (b) Inscriptions ; (c) Imitations and style -- Pt. II. Alexander and the Diadochi, 336-c. 280. Coins of Alexander's lifetime -- Philip III and the early posthumous coinage -- Egypt and its neighbours. (a) Ptolemy I ; (b) Cyrenaica and Judaea -- Syria and the East: Seleucus I -- Macedonia, Asia Minor and Greece. (a) Demetrius Poliorcetes ; (b) Lysimachus ; (c) Lesser dynasts and cities of Greece and Asia Minor -- Pt. III. The balance of power: Eastern Hellenism, c. 280-188 -- The Ptolemies, c. 283-200 -- The Seleucids. (a) The central region, 281-187 ; (b) The eastern satrapies and the Successor States in the East, 281-c. 187 ; (c) Western Seleucid mints -- Asia Minor, Macedonia and Greece. (a) The lesser kingdoms of Asia Minor, c. 281-188 ; (b) The kingdom of Macedon, c. 281-196 ; (c) Posthumous Alexanders and Lysimachi and related coinages ; (d) Leagues and cities in Greece and Asia Minor, c 280-190 -- Epilogue. A. The end of Macedonian coinage -- B. Later Hellenistic coinage, by Philip Grierson -- Appendices. List of Rulers. Kings of Macedon ; The Seleucids (Syria and the East) ; The Lagids (Ptolemies) of Egypt ; The Attalids of Pergamum ; Kings of Bithynia ; Kings of Pontus ; Kings of Cappadocia ; the Arsacids of Parthia ; Bactrian and Indo-Greek kings.
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