Viral hepatitis

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  • Oxford : Blackwell 2005
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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Liver stem cells / Stuart Forbes, Malcolm Alison -- Hepatic immunology / Cliona O'farrelly, Robert H. Pierce, I. Nicholas Crispe -- Clinical features of viral hepatitis / Arie Regev, Eugene R. Schiff -- Diagnostic approach to viral hepatitis / Julie C. Servoss, Lawrence S. Friedman, Jules L. Dienstag -- Evolution of hepatitis viruses / Peter Simmonds -- Structure and molecular virology / Stanley M. Lemon, Annette Martin -- Epidemiology / G. Catton, S.A. Locarnini -- Natural history and experimental models / Robert H. Purcell, Suzanne U. Emerson -- Prevention / Beth P. Bell -- Structure and molecular virology / M. Kann, W. Gerlich -- Epidemiology of hepatitis B / D. Lavanchy -- Avihepadnaviridae / A.R. Jilbert, S.A. Locarnini -- Woodchuck hepatitis virus / M. Roggendorf, M. Lu --
  • Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBSAG) variants / William F. Carman ... [et al.] -- Molecular variation in the core promoter, precore and core regions of hepatitis B virus, and their clinical significance / P. Karayiannis, W.F. Carman, H.C. Thomas -- Natural history of chronic hepatitis B and hepatocellular carcinoma / M. Colombo, P. Lampertico -- Hepatocellular carcinoma : molecular aspects in hepatitis B / M.A. Buendia -- Murine models of hepatitis B virus infection / David R. Milich -- Pathogenesis of chronic hepatitis B / M.R. Thursz, H.C. Thomas -- Treatment / Patrick Marcellin, Tarik Asselah, Nathalie Boyer -- Management of drug resistant mutants / Yun-Fan Liaw -- Liver transplantation in the management of chronic viral hepatitis / Marina Berenguer, Teresa L. Wright -- Prevention / Jane N. Zuckerman -- Structure and molecular virology / Michael J. McGarvey, Michael Houghton -- Epidemiology / J. Quer, J.I. Esteban -- The immune response to HCV in acute and chronic infection / Khadija Iken, Margaret James Koziel -- Natural history in experimental models / Patrizia Farci, Jens Bukh, Robert Purcell -- Autoimmune disorders / Elmar Jaeckel, Michael P. Manns -- Central nervous system complications / Daniel M. Forton ... [et al.] --
  • In vitro replication models / Ralph Bartenschlager, Sandra Sparacio -- Progression of hepatitis C : hepatic fibrosis / Thierry Poynard ... [et al.] -- Progression of hepatitis C : hepatocellular carcinoma / Edward Tabor -- Treatment / Jenny Heathcote, Janice Main -- New drugs / John G. McHutchison, Jennifer M. King, Amany Zekry -- Prevention / Sergio Abrignani, Grazia Galli, Michael Houghton -- Structure and molecular virology / Michael M.C. Lai -- Epidemiology and natural history / F. Rosina, M. Rizzetto -- Treatment / Maria Grazia Niro, F. Rosina, M. Rizzetto -- Structure and molecular virology / D.A. Anderson, R.H. Cheng -- Zoonotic aspects / X.J. Meng -- Epidemiology, clinical and pathologic features, diagnosis, and experimental models / K. Krawczynski, R. Aggarwal, S. Kamili -- Prevention / Robert H. Purcell, Suzanne U. Emerson -- Aetiology of fulminant hepatitis / Kittichai Promrat, Jack R. Wands -- Treatment of fulminant hepatitis / Kinan Rifai, Hans L. Tillmann, Michael P. Manns -- Hepatitis and haemophilia / Christine A. Lee --
  • Occupational aspects of hepatitis / Will Irving, Kit Harling -- Neonatal and pediatric infection / Deirdre Kelly, Elizabeth Boxall -- Management of hepatocellular cancer / Helen L. Reeves, Jordi Bruix -- Application of molecular biology to the diagnosis of viral hepatitis / Jean-Michel Pawlotsky -- Hepatitis in HIV-infected persons / J. Main, B. McCarron -- Treatment of extra-hepatic diseases caused by hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus / Philippe Merle, Christian Trepo -- The histologists role in the diagnosis and management of chronic hepatitis B & C / R Goldin, G Dusheiko -- Disinfection and sterilization / Martin S. Favero, Walter W. Bond -- Mechanisms of interferon resistance / Darius Moradpour, Markus H. Heim, Hubert E. Blum -- New in vitro testing systems for hepatitis B and C viruses / David Durantel ... [et al.] -- New vaccine technologies and the control of viral hepatitis / Colin R. Howard -- Safety of hepatitis B vaccines / Arie J. Zuckerman -- Before and since the discovery of Australia antigen : a chronological review of viral hepatitis / Philip P. Mortimer, Arie J. Zuckerman.
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