Viral hepatitis

  • 3rd ed.
  • Malden, Mass. : Blackwell Pub. c2005
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  • Viral Hepatitis; Contents; Preface to the Third Edition; Contributors; Section I Introduction to Liver Biology; Chapter 1 Liver stem cells in persistent viral infection, liver regeneration and cancer; Chapter 2 Hepatic immunology; Section II Clinical Aspects of Viral Hepatitis; Chapter 3 Clinical features of hepatitis; Chapter 4 Diagnostic approach to viral hepatitis; Chapter 5 Evolution of hepatitis viruses; Section III Hepatitis A Virus; Chapter 6 Structure and molecular virology; Chapter 7 Epidemiology; Chapter 8 Natural history and experimental models; Chapter 9 Prevention
  • Section IV Hepatitis B Virus and Other HepadnaviridaeChapter 10 Structure and molecular virology; Chapter 11 Epidemiology; Chapter 12 Avihepadnaviridae; Chapter 13 Woodchuck hepatitis virus; Chapter 14 Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) variants; Chapter 15 Molecular variations in the core promoter, precore and core regions of hepatitis B virus, and their clinical signi. cance; Chapter 16 Natural history of chronic hepatitis B and hepatocellular carcinoma; Chapter 17 Hepatocellular carcinoma: molecular aspects in hepatitis B; Chapter 18 Murine models and hepatitis B virus infection
  • Chapter 19 Pathogenesis of chronic hepatitis BChapter 20 Treatment of chronic hepatitis B; Chapter 21 Management of drug-resistant mutants; Chapter 22 Liver transplantation in the management of chronic viral hepatitis; Chapter 23 Prevention; Section V Hepatitis C Virus; Chapter 24 Structure and molecular virology; Chapter 25 Epidemiology; Chapter 26 The immune response to hepatitis C virus in acute and chronic infection; Chapter 27 Natural history and experimental models; Chapter 28 Autoimmune disorders; Chapter 29 Central nervous system complications; Chapter 30 In vitro replication models
  • Chapter 31 Progression of . brosisChapter 32 The natural history of hepatitis C and hepatocellular carcinoma; Chapter 33 Treatment of chronic hepatitis C; Chapter 34 New drugs for the management of hepatitis C; Chapter 35 Prevention; Section VI Hepatitis D Virus; Chapter 36 Structure and molecular virology; Chapter 37 Epidemiology and natural history; Chapter 38 Treatment; Section VII Hepatitis E Virus; Chapter 39 Structure and molecular virology; Chapter 40 Hepatitis E as a zoonotic disease; Chapter 41 Epidemiology, clinical and pathologic features, diagnosis, and experimental models
  • Chapter 42 PreventionSection VIII Clinical Aspects of Viral Liver Disease; Chapter 43 Aetiology of fulminant hepatitis; Chapter 44 Treatment of fulminant hepatitis; Chapter 45 Hepatitis and haemophilia; Chapter 46 Occupational aspects of hepatitis; Chapter 47 Neonatal and paediatric infection; Chapter 48 Management of hepatocellular cancer; Chapter 49 Application of molecular biology to the diagnosis of viral hepatitis; Chapter 50 Hepatitis in HIV-infected persons; Chapter 51 Treatment of extrahepatic diseases caused by hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses
  • Chapter 52 The histologist's role in the diagnosis and management of chronic hepatitis B and C
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  • There has been an explosion of both the incidence and medical knowledge of viral hepatitis over the last two decades. Not only is the incidence of infection and disease increasing, but new hepatitis viruses have been discovered, as well as the launch of new pharmaceutical products. Previously published by Churchill Livingstone, Viral Hepatitis by Zuckerman & Thomas was the first comprehensive book on hepatitis and is recognized as the standard reference text in this field. The new third edition, now published by Blackwell Publishing, addresses the recent advan

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