Cumans and Tatars : Oriental military in the pre-Ottoman Balkans, 1185-1365 / István Vásáry.

  • Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2005
Physical description
xvi, 230 p. : maps.
  • 9780511496622
  • 9780521837569
  • PDF.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Contents -- Preface -- Chapter One Introduction -- Chapter Two Cumans and the Second Bulgarian Empire -- Chapter Three Cumans in the Balkans before the Tatar conquest, 1241 -- Chapter Four The first period of Tatar influence in the Balkans, 1242-1282 -- Chapter Five The heyday of Tatar influence in the Balkans, 1280-1301 -- Chapter Six Cumans and Tatars on the Serbian scene -- Chapter Seven Cumans in Byzantine service after the Tatar conquest, 1242-1333 -- Chapter Eight The Tatars fade away from Bulgaria and Byzantium, 1320-1354.
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  • This book examines the role of the nomadic warriors, the Cumans and the Tatars, in the Balkans from 1185 to the 1360s. Its exploration of the political, military and ethnic history of the period will appeal to both students of Balkan history and students of general medieval European history.

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