Experimental approaches to conservation biology

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  • Introduction: Experimental Biology in Conservation Science / Malcolm S. Gordon and Soraya M. Bartol -- Conservation of Endangered Species: Overview / Gary Burness -- Contributions of ex situ propagation and molecular genetics to conservation of Hawaiian Tree Snails / Michael G. Hadfield, Brenden S. Holland, and Kevin J. Olival -- Multiple causes for declining amphibian populations / Andrew R. Blaustein, Audrey C. Hatch, Lisa K. Belden, and Joseph M. Kiesecker -- Energetics of leatherback sea turtles. Occam's razor and Morton's fork / David R. Jones, Amanda L. Southwood, and Russel D. Andrews -- Experimental strategies for the recovery of depleted populations of West Indian rock iguanas / Allison C. Alberts and John A. Phillips -- Endocrinology and the conservation of New Zealand birds / J.F. Cockrem, D.C. Adams, E.J. Bennett, E.J. Candy, E.J. Hawke, S.J. Henare, and M.A. Potter -- Conservation of Australian arid-zone marsupials. making use of knowledge of their energy and water requirements / Ian D. Hume, Lesley A. Gibson, and Steven J. Lapidge -- The population decline of Steller sea lions. testing the nutritional stress hypothesis / Russel D. Andrews.
  • Control or Elimination of Exotic/Invasive Species: Overview / Pamela J. Mueller -- Tipping the balance in the restoration of native plants: experimental approaches to changing the exotic:native ratio in California grassland / Jeffrey D. Corbin, Carla M. D'Antonio, and Susan J. Bainbridge -- Using natural experiments in the study of alien tree invasions. opportunities and limitations / D.M. Richardson, M. Rouget, and M. Rejmanek -- Biological control in support of conservation. friend or foe? / Mark S. Hoddle -- Policy Related Matters: Overview / Anthony Steyermark -- The Army and the desert tortoise. can science inform policy decisions? / James R. Spotila and Harold W. Avery -- Integrating experimental research with the needs of natural resource and land managers; a case study from Australia and New Zealand / John C. Rodger -- More meaningful wildlife research by prioritizing science, linking disciplines and building capacity / David E. Wildt -- African National Parks under challenge: Novel approaches in South Africa may offer respite / Leo Braack.
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  • Evidence is increasingly indicating that the current rate of species extinction is reaching its highest level since the asteroid collision 65 million years ago, & that humans are laregly responsible. This volume explores aspects of a looming crisis.

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