The period from the Arab invasion to the Saljuqs

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  • Cambridge History of Iran : The Period from the Arab Invasion to the Saljuqs. 1st Ed. Vol. 4
  • Cambridge History of Iran Vol. 4 The Period from the Arab Invasion to the Saljuqs, 1st Edition
  • Cambridge History of Iran . Vol 4
  • From Arab invasion to the Saluqs.
  • Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 1975
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1 online resource (xiii, 733 pages) : digital, PDF file(s).
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  • Bibliographic Level Mode of Issuance: Monograph
  • Bibliography: p. 667-697.
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  • The Arab conquest of Iran and its aftermath / Abd al-Husain Zarrinkub -- The Abbasid Caliphate in Iran / Roy Mottahedeh -- The Tahirids and Saffarids / R.N. Frye -- The Samanids / R.N. Frye -- The early Ghaznavids / C.B. Bosworth -- The minor dynasties of Northern Iran / W. Madelung -- Iran under the Buyids / Heribert Busse -- Tribes, cities, and social organization / Claude Cahen -- The visual arts / Oleg Grabar -- Numismatics / G.C. Miles -- The exact sciences / E.S. Kennedy -- The life sciences, alchemy and medicine / S.H. Nasr -- Philosophy and cosmology / S.H. Nasr -- Sufism / S.H. Nasr -- The religious sciences / S.H. Nasr and M. Mutahhari -- Sects and heresies / B.S. Amoretti -- Nasir-I Khusrau and Iranian Ismailism / Henry Corbin -- Zoroastrian literature after the Muslim conquest / J. de Menasce -- Arabic literature in Iran / Victor Danner -- The rise of the new Persian language / G. Lazard -- The Rubai in early Persian literature / L.P. Elwell-Sutton -- Umar Khayyam: astronomer, mathematician, and poet / J.A. Boyle.
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  • Volume 4 is a survey of every aspect of the civilisations which flourished in the Iranian region from the Arab conquests to the Saljuq expansion: in particular, it studies the gradual transition of Iran from Zoroastrianism to Islam, the uniting of all Iranians under one rule, the flowering into full magnificence of the Persian language, and the establishment of those other acts which were to flourish so brilliantly after the Mongol conquest. The volume as a whole provides a comprehensive record of the formative centuries of Islam in Iran.

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