Bangs, Crunches, Whimpers, and Shrieks / John Earman

  • Oxford University Press 1995
  • 9780195344646
  • Includes bibliographical references and index
  • specialized
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  • English
  • Almost from its inception, Einstein's general theory of relativity was known to sanction spacetime models harboring singularities, which involve a breakdown in the very fabric of space and time and, consequently, a failure of the known laws of physics. Here is where noted philosopher of science John Earman begins this first book-length study of a phenomenon that continues to divide physicists today,and which carries profound implications for the philosophy of space and time. Featuring an overview of the literature on singular spacetime, this informed and provocative volume engages with a number of foundational issues at the intersection of science and philosophy, ranging from the big bang to the possibility of time travel. Equally at home with both "supertasks" and ancient notions of time repeating itself, Earman aims his book at philosophers familiar with general relativity theory and at philosophically-minded physicists.

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