Philosophy of mathematics : selected readings / edited by Paul Benacerraf, Hilary Putnam.

  • Second edition.
  • Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 1983
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  • Symposium on the foundations of mathematics -- 1. The logicist foundations of mathematics / Rudolf Carnap -- 2. The intuitionist foundations of mathematics / Arend Heyting -- 3. The formalist foundations of mathematics / Johann Von Neumann -- Disputation / Arend Heyting -- Intuitionism and formalism / L.E.J. Brouwer -- Consciousness, philosophy, and mathematics / L.E.J. Brouwer -- The philosophical basis of intuitionistic logic / Michael Dummett -- The concept of number / Gottlob Frege -- Selections from Introduction to mathematical philosophy / Bertrand Russell -- On the infinite / David Hilbert -- Remarks on the definition and nature of mathematics / Haskell B. Curry -- Hilbert's programme / Georg Kreisel -- Empiricism, semantics, and ontology / Rudolf Carnap -- On platonism in mathematics / Paul Bernays -- What numbers could not be / Paul Benacerraf -- Mathematics without foundations / Hilary Putnam -- The a priori / Alfred Jules Ayer -- Truth by convention / W.V. Quine -- Carnap and logical truth / W.V. Quine -- On the nature of mathematical reasoning / Henri Poincare -- Mathematical truth / Paul Benacerraf -- Models and reality / Hilary Putnam -- Russell's mathematical logic / Kurt Gödel -- What is Cantor's continuum problem? / Kurt Gödel -- The iterative concept of set / George Boolos -- What is the iterative conception of set? / Charles Parsons -- The concept of set / Hao Wang.
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  • The twentieth century has witnessed an unprecedented 'crisis in the foundations of mathematics', featuring a world-famous paradox (Russell's Paradox), a challenge to 'classical' mathematics from a world-famous mathematician (the 'mathematical intuitionism' of Brouwer), a new foundational school (Hilbert's Formalism), and the profound incompleteness results of Kurt Gödel. In the same period, the cross-fertilization of mathematics and philosophy resulted in a new sort of 'mathematical philosophy', associated most notably (but in different ways) with Bertrand Russell, W. V. Quine, and Gödel himself, and which remains at the focus of Anglo-Saxon philosophical discussion. The present collection brings together in a convenient form the seminal articles in the philosophy of mathematics by these and other major thinkers. It is a substantially revised version of the edition first published in 1964 and includes a revised bibliography. The volume will be welcomed as a major work of reference at this level in the field.

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