Evolution / Nicholas H. Barton [and others].

  • Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. : Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press ©2007
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xiv, 833 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color maps ; 29 cm
  • 9780879696849
  • 0879696842
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • pt. 1. An overview of evolutionary biology -- The history of evolutionary biology: Evolution and genetics -- The origin of molecular biology -- Evidence for evolution -- pt. 2. The origin and diversification of life -- The origin of life -- The last universal common ancestor and the tree of life -- Diversification of bacteria and archaea. I: Phylogeny and biology -- Diversification of bacteria and archaea. II: Genetics and genomics -- The origin and diversification of eukaryotes -- Multicellularity and development -- Diversification of plants and animals -- Evolution of developmental programs -- pt. 3. Evolutionary processes -- Generation of variation by mutation and recombination -- Variation in DNA and proteins -- Variation in genetically complex traits -- Random genetic drift -- Population structure -- Selection on variation -- The interaction between selection and other forces -- Measuring selection -- Phenotypic evolution -- Conflict and cooperation -- Species and speciation -- Evolution of genetic systems -- Evolution of novelty -- pt. 4. Human evolution -- Human evolutionary history -- Current issues in human evolution -- Online chapters -- Phylogenetic reconstruction -- Models of evolution.
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  • Abstract: Evolution is designed to serve as the primary text for undergraduate courses in evolution. It differs from currently available alternatives in containing more molecular biology than is traditionally the case.

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