The Romans, from village to empire / Mary T. Boatwright, Daniel J. Gargola and Richard J.A. Talbert.

  • New York : Oxford University Press 2004
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  • English
  • "A history of ancient Rome from earliest times to Constantine"--Jacket.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Contents; Acknowledgments; Notes to the Reader; 1 Early Italy; 2 Rome's First Centuries; 3 Rome and Italy in the Fourth Century; 4 The Beginnings of a Mediterranean Empire; 5 Italy and Empire; 6 Italy Threatened, Enfranchised, Divided; 7 The Domination of Sulla and Its Legacy; 8 End of the Republic: Caesar's Dictatorship; 9 Augustus and the Transformation of the Roman World; 10 The Early Principate (A.D. 14-69): The Julio-Claudians, the Civil War of 68-69, and Life in the Early Empire
  • 11 Institutionalization of the Principate: Military Expansion and Its Limits, the Empire and the Provinces (69-138)12 Italy and the Provinces: Civil and Military Affairs (138-235); 13 The Third Century, the Dominate, and Constantine; Timeline; Glossary; Principal Ancient Authors; Art Credits; Index; Gazetteer
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  • How did a single village community in the Italian peninsula eventually become one of the mightiest imperial powers the world has ever known? In The Romans, Mary T. Boatwright, Daniel Gargola, and Richard J.A. Talbert tackle this question as they guide readers through a comprehensive sweep of Roman history, ranging from the prehistoric settlements to the age of Constantine. Vividly written and attractively designed with almost 100 illustrations, The Romans expertly unfolds Rome's remarkable evolution from village, to monarchy and then republic, and finally to one-man rule by an emperor whose po

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