Gray's anatomy : the anatomical basis of clinical practice / editor-in-chief, Susan Standring ; section editors, Neil R. Borely [and others].

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  • Anatomy
  • 40th ed., anniversary ed.
  • [Edinburgh] : Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier 2008
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xxiv, 1551 pages : color illustrations ; 30 cm
  • 9780443066849
  • 0443066841
  • 9780808923718
  • 0808923714
  • Expert consult title.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Previous ed.: 2005.
  • Basic structure and function of cells -- Integrating cells into tissues -- Nervous system -- Blood, lymphoid tissues and haemopoiesis -- Functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system -- Smooth muscle and the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems -- Skin and its appendages -- Preimplantation development -- Implantation and placentation -- Cell populations at gastrulation -- Embryonic induction and cell division -- Cell populations at the start of organogenesis -- Early embryonic circulation -- Pre- and postnatal development -- Overview of the nervous system -- Ventricular system and subarachnoid space -- Vascular supply of the brain -- Spinal cord: internal organization -- Brain stem -- Cerebellum -- Diencephalon -- Basal ganglia -- Cerebral hemisphere -- Development of the nervous system -- Head and neck: overview and surface anatomy -- External skull -- Intracranial region -- Neck -- Face and scalp -- Oral cavity -- Infratemporal and pterygopalatine fossae and temporomandibular joint -- Nose, nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses -- Pharynx -- Larynx -- Development of the head and neck -- External and middle ear -- Inner ear -- Development of the ear -- The orbit and accessory visual apparatus -- The eye -- Development of the eye -- The back -- Spinal cord and spinal nerves: gross anatomy -- Development of the back -- Pectoral girdle and upper limb: overview and surface anatomy -- Pectoral girdle, shouldr region and axilla -- Upper arm -- Elbow -- Forearm -- Wrist and hand -- Development of the limbs -- Development of the pectoral girdle and upper limb -- Thorax: overview and surface anatomy -- Chest wall and breast -- Mediastinum -- Heart and great vessels -- Pleura, lungs, trachea and bronchi -- Diaphragm and phrenic nerve -- Development of the thorax -- Abdomen and pelvis: overview and surface anatomy -- Anterior abdominal wall -- Posterior abdominal wall and retroperitoneum -- True pelvis, pelvic floor and perineum -- Peritoneum and peritoneal cavity -- Abdominal oesophagus and stomach -- Small intestine -- Large intestine -- Liver -- Gallbladder and biliary tree -- Pancreas -- Spleen -- Suprarenal (adrenal) gland -- Development of the peritoneal cavity, gastrointestinal tract and its adnexae -- Kidney and ureter -- Bladder, prostate and urethra -- Male reproductive system -- Female reproductive system -- Development of the urogenital system -- Pelvis girdle and lower limb: overview and surface anatomy -- Pelvic girdle, gluteal region and thigh -- Hip -- Knee -- Leg -- Ankle and foot -- Development of the pelvic girdle and lower limb.
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  • A universal landmark in medicine ever since Drs. Henry Gray and H.V. Carter published the first edition in 1858, "Gray's Anatomy" now celebrates its 150th anniversary. The new 40th Edition sets a new world standard for accuracy, clarity, and clinical relevance.

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