How to build a digital library / Ian H. Witten, David Bainbridge, and David M. Nichols.

  • 2nd ed.
  • Burlington, MA : Morgan Kaufmann Publishers 2009
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1 online resource (655 p.)
  • 1-282-32909-X
  • 9786612329098
  • 0-08-089039-3
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  • English
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Front cover; Half title page; How to Build a Digital Library; Copyright page; Table of Contents; Preface; The Greenstone Software; Updated and Revised Content; How the Book Is Organized; What the Book Covers; About the Web Site; Acknowledgments; Part I Principles and Practices; Chapter 1 Orientation; Example One: Supporting Human Development; Example Two: Pushing on the Frontiers of Science; Example Three: Preserving a Traditional Culture; Example Four: Exploring Popular Music; The scope of digital libraries; 1.1 Libraries and Digital Libraries; 1.2 The Changing Face of Libraries
  • In the beginningThe information explosion; The Alexandrian principle; Early technodreams; The library catalog; The changing nature of books; 1.3 Searching for Sophocles; 1.4 Digital Libraries in Developing Countries; Disseminating humanitarian information; Disaster relief; Preserving indigenous culture; Locally produced information; The technological infrastructure; 1.5 The Pen Is Mighty: Wield It Wisely; Copyright law; The public domain; Relinquishing copyright; Digital rights management; Copyright and digitization; Collecting from the Web; Illegal and harmful material; Cultural sensitivity
  • 1.6 Planning a Digital Library1.7 Implementing a Digital Library: The Greenstone Software; 1.8 Notes and Sources; Chapter 2 People in digital libraries; 2.1 Roles; Global users; Roles of librarians; Change; 2.2 Identity; Anonymous use; Authenticated use; Recording usage data; 2.3 Help and User Support Services; 2.4 Working with Digital Collections; Using information from digital libraries; Referring to objects in a digital library; Berry-picking; 2.5 User Contributions; Annotations; Keywords; Ratings; Corrections; New documents; Partial and fluid documents; 2.6 Notes and Sources
  • Chapter 3 PresentationFrom People to Presentation; 3.1 Presenting Textual Documents; Documents, chapters, sections; Unstructured text documents; Page images; Images with text; Realistic books; 3.2 Presenting Multimedia Documents; Sound and pictures; Video; Music; 3.3 Document Surrogates; Metadata; Multimedia surrogates; 3.4 Searching; Types of queries; Case-folding and stemming; Phrase searching; Query interfaces; Searching multimedia; Searching music; Searching images; 3.5 Metadata Browsing; Lists; Dates; Hierarchies; Facets; 3.6 Putting It All Together; An institutional repository
  • 3.7 Notes and SourcesChapter 4 Textual documents; 4.1 Representing Textual Documents; ASCII; Unicode; Plain text; Indexing; Word segmentation; 4.2 Textual Images; Scanning; Optical character recognition; Acquisition, cleanup, and page analysis; Recognition; Checking and saving; Page handling; Planning an image digitization project; Inside an OCR shop; An example project; 4.3 Web Documents: HTML and XML; Markup and stylesheet languages; Basic HTML; Using HTML in a digital library; Basic XML; Parsing XML; Using XML in a digital library; 4.4 Presenting Web Documents: CSS and XSL; CSS
  • Cascading style sheets
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  • How to Build a Digital Library is the only book that offers all the knowledge and tools needed to construct and maintain a digital library, regardless of the size or purpose. It is the perfectly self-contained resource for individuals, agencies, and institutions wishing to put this powerful tool to work in their burgeoning information treasuries.The Second Edition of reflect new developments in the field as well as in the Greenstone Digital Library open source software. The authors have based their revisions not only on their own research but also on user feedback over the years s

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