March's advanced organic chemistry : reactions, mechanisms, and structure.

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  • Advanced organic chemistry
  • 6th ed.
  • Hoboken, N.J. ; Chichester : Wiley 2007
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xx, 2357 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
  • 9780471720911 (hbk.)
  • 0471720917 (hbk.)
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  • Formerly CIP.
  • Current Copyright Fee: GBP32.00 0 Uk
  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Localized chemical bonding -- Delocalized chemical bonding -- Bonding weaker than covalent -- Stereochemistry -- Carbocations, carbanions, free radicals, carbenes, and nitrenes -- Mechanisms and methods of determining them -- Irradiation processes in organic chemistry -- Acids and bases -- Effects of structure and medium on reactivity -- Aliphatic substitution: nucleophilic and organometallic -- Aromatic substitution: electrophilic -- Aliphatic, alkenyl, and alkenyl substitution, electrophilic and organometallic -- Aromatic substitution, nucleophilic and organometallic -- Substitution reactions: free radicals -- Addition to carbon-carbon multiple bonds -- Addition to carbon-hetero multiple bonds -- Eliminations -- Rearrangements -- Oxidations and reductions -- Appendix A. The literature of organic chemistry -- Appendix B. Classification of reactions by type of compounds synthesized.
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