Primates in perspective / edited by Christina J. Campbell [and others].

  • New York : Oxford University Press 2007
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xiv, 720 pages : illustrations, maps ; 29 cm
  • 9780195171334
  • 0195171330
  • 9780195171341
  • 0195171349
  • Christina J. Campbell is a New Zealand author.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • A brief history of primate field studies / Robert W. Sussman -- Primate evolution / Walter Hartwig -- The lorisiform primates of Asia and mainland Africa : diversity shrouded in darkness / Anna Nekaris and Simon K. Bearder -- Lemuriformes / Lisa Gould and Michelle Sauther -- Tarsiiformes / Sharon Gursky -- Callitrichines : the role of competition in cooperatively breeding species / Leslie J. Digby, Stephen F. Ferrari and Wendy Saltzman -- The cebines : toward an explanation of variable social structure / Katharine M. Jack -- Sakis, uakaris, and titi monkeys : behavioral diversity in a radiation of primate seed predators / Marilyn A. Norconk -- Aotinae : social monogamy in the only nocturnal haplorhines / Eduardo Fernandez-Duque -- The atelines : variation in ecology, behavior, and social organization / Anthony Di Fiore and Christina J. Campbell -- The Asian colobines : diversity among leaf-eating monkeys / R. Craig Kirkpatrick -- African colobine monkeys : patterns of between-group interaction / Peter J. Fashing -- The macaques : a double-layered social organization / Bernard Thierry -- Baboons, mandrills, and mangabeys : Afro-papionin socioecology in a phylogenetic perspective / Clifford J. Jolly -- The guenons (genus Cercopithecus) and their allies : behavioral ecology of polyspecific associations, Karin L. Enstam and Lynne A. Isbell -- The Hylobatidae : small apes of Asia / Thad Q. Bartlett -- Orangutans in perspective : forced copulations and female mating resistance / Cheryl D. Knott and Sonya M. Kahlenberg -- Gorillas : diversity in ecology and behavior / Martha M. Robbins -- Chimpanzees and bonobos : diversity within and between species / Rebecca Stumpf -- Research questions / Elsworth Ray -- Advances in the understanding of primate reproductive endocrinology / Bill L. Lasley and Anne Savage -- Molecular primatology / Anthony Di Fiore and Pascal Gagneux -- Life history / Steven R. Leigh and Gregory E. Blomquist -- Primate growth and development : a functional and evolutionary approach / Debra Bolter and Adrienne Zihlman -- Primate sexuality and reproduction / Christina J. Campbell -- Reproductive cessation in female primates : comparisons of Japanese macaques and humans / Linda Marie Fedigan and Mary S.M. Pavelka -- Mate choice / Joseph H. Manson -- The new era of primate socioecology : ecology and intersexual conflict / Deborah Overdorff and Joyce Parga -- Primate nutritional ecology : feeding biology and diet at ecological and evolutionary scales / Joanna E. Lambert -- Conservation / Karen B. Strier -- Primate seed dispersal : linking behavioral ecology with forest community structure / Colin A. Chapman and Sabrina E. Russo -- Predation on primates : past studies, current challenges, and directions for the future / Lynne E. Miller and Adrian Treves -- Primate locomotor behavior and ecology / Paul A. Garber -- Social mechanisms in the control of primate aggression / Irwin S. Bernstein -- Social beginnings : the tapestry of infant and adult interactions / Katherine C. MacKinnon -- Postconflict reconciliation / Kate Arnold and Filippo Aureli -- Social organization : social systems and the complexities in understanding the evolution of primate behavior / Agustín Fuentes -- The conundrum of communication / Harold Gouzoules and Sarah Gouzoules -- Cooperation and competition in primate social interactions / Robert W. Sussman and Paul A. Garber -- Social learning in monkeys and apes : cultural animals? / Christine A. Caldwell and Andrew Whiten -- Tool use and cognition in primates / Melissa Panger -- Primate self-medication / Michael A. Huffman -- Ethnoprimatology : contextualizing human and nonhuman primate interactions / Linda D. Wolfe and Agustín Fuentes -- Where we have been, where we are, and where we are going : the future of primatological research / Christina J. Campbell [and others].
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