Social theory in contemporary Asia / Ann Brooks, with a foreword by Bryan S. Turner.

  • London : Routledge 2011
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  • Includes bibliographical references (p. [114]-127) and index.
  • Virtual globalization : virtual spaces / Tourist Spaces / edited by David Holmes -- The criminal spectre in law, literature, and aesthetics / Peter Hutchings -- Immigrants and national identity in Europe / Anna Triandafyllidou -- Constructing risk and safety in technological practice / edited by Jane Summerton and Boel Berner -- Europeanisation, national identities and migration : changes in boundary constructions between western and eastern Europe / Willfried Spohn and Anna Triandafyllidou -- Language, identity, and conflict : a comparative study of language in ethnic conflict in Europe and Eurasia / Diarmait Mac Giolla Chríost -- Immigrant life in the U.S. : multi-disciplinary perspectives / edited by Donna R. Gabaccia and Colin Wayne Leach -- Rave culture and religion / edited by Graham St. John -- Creation and returns of social capital : a new research program / edited by Henk Flap and Beate Völker -- Self-care : embodiment, personal autonomy, and the shaping of health consciousness / Christopher Ziguras -- Mechanisms of cooperation / Werner Raub and Jeroen Weesie -- After the bell : educational success, public policy, and family background / edited by Dalton Conley and Karen Albright -- Youth crime and youth culture in the inner city / Bill Sanders -- Emotions and social movements / edited by Helena Flam and Debra King -- Globalization, uncertainty, and youth in society / edited by Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Erik Klijzing, Melinda Mills and Karin Kurz -- Love, heterosexuality and society / Paul Johnson -- Agricultural governance : globalization and the new politics of regulation / edited by Vaughan Higgins and Geoffrey Lawrence -- Challenging hegemonic masculinity / Richard Howson -- Social isolation in modern society / Roelof Hortulanus, Anja Machielse, and Ludwien Meeuwesen -- Weber and the persistence of religion : social theory, capitalism, and the sublime / Joseph W. H. Lough -- Globalization, uncertainty, and late careers in society / edited by Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Sandra Buchholz, and Dirk Hofäcker -- Bourdieu's politics : problems and possibilities / Jeremy F. Lane -- Media bias in reporting social research? : the case of reviewing ethnic inequalities in education / Martyn Hammersley -- A general theory of emotions and social life / Warren D. TenHouten -- Sociology, religion, and grace / Arpad Szakolczai -- Youth cultures : scenes, subcultures, and tribes / edited by Paul Hodkinson and Wolfgang Deicke -- The obituary as collective memory / Bridget Fowler -- Tocqueville's virus : utopia and dystopia in western social and political thought / Mark Featherstone -- Jewish eating and identity through the ages / David Kraemer -- The institutionalization of social welfare : a study of medicalizing management / Mikael Holmqvist -- The role of religion in modern societies / edited by Detlef Pollack and Daniel V. A. Olson -- Sex research and sex therapy : a sociological analysis of masters and Johnson /- Ross Morrow -- A crisis of waste? : understanding the rubbish society / Martin O'Brien -- Globalization and transformations of local socioeconomic practices / edited by Ulrike Schuerkens -- The culture of welfare markets : the international recasting of pension and care systems / Ingo Bode -- Cohabitation, family, and society / Tiziana Nazio -- Latin America and contemporary modernity : a sociological interpretation / José Maurízio Domingues -- Exploring the networked worlds of popular music milieu cultures / Peter Webb -- The cultural significance of the child star / Jane O'Connor -- European integration as an elite process : the failure of a dream? / Max Haller -- Queer political performance and protest / Benjamin Shepard -- Cosmopolitan spaces : Europe, globalization, theory / Chris Rumford -- Contexts of social capital : social networks in communities, markets, and organizations / edited by Ray-May Hsung, Nan Lin, and Ronald Breiger -- Feminism, domesticity, and popular culture / edited by Stacy Gillis and Joanne Hollows -- Changing relationships / edited by Malcolm Brynin and John Ermisch -- Formal and informal work : the hidden work regime in Europe / edited by Birgit Pfau-Effinger, Lluis Flaquer, & Per H. Jensen -- Interpreting human rights : social science perspectives / edited by Rhiannon Morgan and Bryan S. Turner -- Club cultures : boundaries, identities, and otherness / Silvia Rief -- Eastern European immigrant families / Mihaela Robila -- People and societies : Rom Harré and designing the social sciences / Luk van Langenhove -- Social theory in contemporary Asia / Ann Brooks.
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