The organisation of economic innovation in Europe / edited by Alfonso Gambardella and Franco Malerba.

  • Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 1999
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x, 396 p. ; 24 cm.
  • 0521643031
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Incomplete contents Introduction: the organization of innovative activity in Europe: towards a conceptual framework A. Gambardella and F. Malerba; Part I. Patterns of Innovative Activity: 2. The co-evolution of technological knowledge and corporate organizations G. Dosi and L. Marengo; 3. Large firms in Europe's innovative activities K. Pavitt and P. Patel; 4. Technological entry and diversification in Europe, the United States and Japan F. Malerba and L. Orsenigo; 5. Spatial patterns of innovation: evidence from patent data S. Breschi; 6. Innovation and the size of industrial clusters in Europe P. Swann; 7. 'Convergence' and corporate change in the electronics industry N. Von Tunzelmann; 8. The dynamics of localised technology changes: the role of demand-pull in a skill intensive industry; The case of the Italian mechanical industry C. Antonelli and M. Calderini; 9. Interfirms collaborations and research networks P. Llerena and M. Matt; 10. Cooperative learning and the evolution of inter-firm agreements in the European electronics industry A. Bureth, S. Wolff and A. Zanfei; 11. Firm specialisation and growth: a study of the European software industry S. Torrisi; 12. European biotechnology: leaning and catching up M. Sharp and J. Senker; 13. The research network and the new economics of science: from metaphors to organizational behaviours P. David, D. Foray and E. Steinmueller; 14. The dynamics of research networks in Europe W. Garcia-Fontes and A. Geuna; 15. Patterns of university research in Europe A. Geuna.
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  • Within the literature on industrial economics and innovation there have been surprisingly few attempts to build analytical frameworks that are based on the distinctive features and institutional characteristics of Europe, and especially of the European Union. This collection explains the organization and dynamics of innovative activities in Europe. Theoretical advances in the economics of technological innovation have been placed alongside empirical research relating to the interaction between the industrial structures of individual member nations and the linking regulations of the European Union. The team of distinguished international contributors includes Paul David and Nick Von Tunzelmann. The Organization of Economic Innovation in Europe is a significant addition to the literature on the economics of innovation and technology.

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