Principles of developmental genetics / editor, Sally A. Moody.

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  • Oxford : Academic 2007
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  • Preface / Sally A. Moody -- Pt. 1. The impact of genetic and genomic tools on developmental biology -- Untangling the Gordian knot: cell signaling events that instruct development / Reně V. Hoch and Philippe Soriano -- Finding gene expression changes using microarray technology / Tadayoshi Hayata and Ken W.Y. Cho -- Chemical and functional genomic approaches to study stem cell biology and regeneration / Wen Xiong and Sheng Ding -- Assessing neural stem cell properties using large-scale genomic analysis / Soojung Shin, Jonathan D. Chesnut, and Mahendra S. Rao -- Epigenetic influences on gene expression pathways / Sundeep Kalantry and Terry Magnuson -- New insights into vertebrate origins / Billie J. Swalla -- Understanding human birth defects through model organism studies / Feyza Engin and Brendan Lee -- Pt. 2. Early embryology, fate determination, and patterning -- Germ line determinants and oogenesis / Kelly M. Haston and Renee A. Reijo Pera -- Patterning the anterior-posterior axis during drosophila embryogenesis / Kristy L. Kenyon -- Anterior-posterior patterning in mammals / Sigol̈ne M. Meilhac -- Signaling cascades, gradients, and gene networks in dorsal/ventral patterning / Girish S. Ratnaparkhi and Albert J. Courey -- Early development of epidermis and neural tissue / Keiji Itoh and Sergei Y. Sokol -- Formation of the embryonic mesoderm / Lisa L. Chang and Daniel S. Kessler -- Endoderm / Ďbora Sinner, James M. Wells, and Aaron M. Zorn -- Notch signaling: a versatile tool for the fine patterning of cell fate in development / Ajay B. Chitnis -- Multiple roles of T-box genes / L. A. Naiche and Virginia E. Papaioannou -- Pt. 3. Morphogenetic and cell movements -- Gastrulation in vertebrates / Lilianna Solnica-Krezel and Diane S. Sepich -- Regulation of tissue separation in the amphibian embryo / Herbert Steinbeisser -- Role of the basement membrane in cell migration / Kiyoji Nishiwaki and Yukihiko Kubota -- Epithelial Morphogenesis / Ronit Wilk and Howard D. Lipshitz -- Branching morphogenesis of mammalian epithelia / Jamie Davies -- The roles of ephrin-eph in morphogenesis / Ira O. Daar -- Pt. 4. Ectodermal organs -- Neural cell fate determination / Stephen N. Sansom and Frederick J. Livesey -- Pathfinding and patterning of axonal connections / Stephanie A. Linn, Stephanie R. Kadison, and Catherine E. Krull -- Retinal development / Kathryn B. Moore and Monica L. Vetter -- Neural crest determination / Roberto Mayor -- Determination of preplacodal ectoderm and sensory placodes / Sally A. Moody -- Molecular genetics of tooth development / Irma Thesleff -- The inner ear / Donna F. Fekete and Ulrike J. Sienknecht -- Craniofacial formation and congenital defects / S.A. Brugmann and J. A. Helms -- Pt. 5. Mesodermal organs -- Induction of the cardiac lineage / Andrew S. Warkman and Paul A. Krieg -- Heart patterning and congenital defects / John W. Belmont -- Blood vessel formation / Karina Yaniv and Brant M. Weinstein -- Blood induction and embryonic formation / Xiaoying Bai and Leonard I. Zon -- Topics in vertebrate kidney formation: a comparative perspective / Thomas M. Schultheiss -- Development of the genital system / Hongling Du and Hugh S. Taylor -- Diaphragmatic defects / Kate G. Ackerman and David R. Beier -- Formation of vertebrate limbs / Yingzi Yang -- Skeletal development / Peter G. Alexander, Amanda T. Boyce, and Rocky S. Tuan -- Pt. 6. Endodermal organs -- Patterning the embryonic endoderm into presumptive organ domains / Billie A. Moore-Scott and James M. Wells -- Developmental genetics of the pulmonary system / Thomas J. Mariani -- Pancreas Development and stem cells / Maureen Gannon -- Early liver development and hepatic progenitor cells / Jay D. Kormish and Kenneth S. Zaret -- Intestinal stem cells in physiologic regeneration and disease / David H. Scoville ... [et al.].
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  • Unlike anything currently available in the market, Dr. Sally A. Moody and a team of world-renowned experts provide a groundbreaking view of developmental genetics that will influence scientific approaches in embryology, comparative biology, as well as the newly emerging fields of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. "Principles of Developmental Genetics" highlights the intersection of developmental biology with new revolutionary genomic technologies, and details how these advances have accelerated our understanding of the molecular genetic processes that regulates development. This definitive resource provides researchers with the opportunity to gain important insights into the clinical applicability of emerging new technologies and animal model data.This book is a must-have for all researchers in genetics, developmental biology, regenerative medicine, and stem cell biology. It includes new research not previously published in any other book on the molecular genetic processes that regulates development. It contains chapters which present a broad understanding on the application of animal model systems, allowing researchers to better treat clinical disorders and comprehend human development. It relates the application of new technologies to the manipulation of stem cells, causes of human birth defects, and several human disease conditions. Each chapter includes a bulleted summary highlighting clinical aspects of animal models.

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