A History of Modern Indonesia since c. 1300

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  • A history of modern Indonesia, c. 1300 to the present.
  • Second Edition.
  • London : Macmillan Education UK : Imprint: Palgrave 1993
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XIII, 378 p. online resource.
  • 9781349227006
  • Bibliography: p326-350. - Includes index.
  • Previous ed. published as: A history of modern Indonesia - c1300 to the present : 1981.
  • List of Maps -- Preface to First Edition -- Preface to Second Edition -- A Note on Orthography -- Abbreviations -- PART 1 THE EMERGENCE OF THE MODERN ERA -- The Coming of Islam General Aspects of Pre-Colonial States and Major Empires, c1300-1500 -- The Arrival of the Europeans in Indonesia, c1509-1620 -- The Rise of New States, c1500-1650 -- Literary, Religious and Cultural Legacies -- PART 2 STRUGGLES FOR HEGEMONY, c1630-1800 -- Eastern Indonesia, c1630-1800 -- Java, c1640-82 -- Java, Madura and the VOC, c1680-1745 -- Java and the VOC, c1745-92 -- PART 3 THE CREATION OF A COLONIAL STATE, c1800-1910 -- Java, 1792-1830 -- Java, 1830-1900 -- The Outer Islands, c1800-1910 -- PART 4 THE EMERGENCE OF THE IDEA OF INDONESIA, c1900-42 -- A New Colonial Age -- The First Steps towards National Revival, c1900-27 -- Repression and Economic Crisis, 1927-42 -- PART 5 -- THE DESTRUCTION OF THE COLONIAL STATE, 1942-50 -- World War II and the Japanese Occupation, 1942-5 -- The Revolution, 1945-50 -- PART 6 INDEPENDENT INDONESIA -- The Democratic Experiment, 1950-7 -- Guided Democracy, 1957-65 -- Creating the New Order, 1965-75 -- The New Order since 1975 -- Notes and References -- Bibliography -- Maps -- Index.
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  • This book is a comprehensive introductory text on the history of Indonesia since the arrival of Islam ca.1300 to the present day. An essential narrative of political history is provided together with details of social, cultural and economic affairs. Emphasis is given to the history of the Indonesian people themselves against the background of the formation of the Indonesian nation by an amalgamation of diverse but related ethnic communities. The whole period since the coming of Islam is surveyed with particular attention to major influences such as: the spread of Islam; cultural traditions; Dutch colonisation; Islamic revivalism; anti-colonialism and independence. This book will assist the serious study of the past and present of a state which is the most populous of Southeast Asia and of the Islamic world, a major oil producer and yet one of the poorest nations on earth. In this, the second edition, Professor Ricklefs includes further historiography and relevant facts since the book's first publication in 1981, bringing his history of Indonesia completely up-to-date.