Quaternary glaciations - extent and chronology : Part I Europe / J. Ehlers, P.L. Gibbard, eds.

  • Amsterdam : Elsevier 2004
Physical description
xi, 475 p. : ill., diags., tables, maps ; 30 cm. + 1 CD-ROM.
  • 0444514627
  • 1571-0866
  • English.
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  • Abstract: Presents European section of results of International Quaternary Association's working group on "Extent and Chronology of Glaciations". As ArcView GIS projects on included CD, provides digital maps containing: glacial limits, end moraines, ice-dammed lakes, glacially induced drainage diversions, and locations of sections key to defining and dating limits. Includes from all areas (if possible): 1. maximum limit of Pleistocene glaciation; 2. Late Weichselian / Wisconsinan / Valdaian / Würmian glacial maximum (LGM); 3. Early (or Middle) Weichselian glacial maximum. Also included where available are different deglaciation timelines and various pre-Weichselian glacial limits. Text contributions summarize each area's glacial history and discuss limits and dating. Covers whole of formerly glaciated areas such Caucasus and Urals that extend beyond boundaries of Europe. Indexed.

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