The encyclopedia of mammals

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  • Encyclopaedia of mammals
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  • New ed.
  • New York ; Oxford : Oxford University Press 2006
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  • Monotremes -- Marsupials -- Tenrecs and golden moles -- Sengis -- Aardvark -- Elephants and relatives -- Anteaters and relatives -- Rodents: Squirrel-like rodents. Mouselike rodents. Cavy-life rodents -- Lagomorphs -- Primates: Strepsirrhines. Monkeys and tarsiers. Apes -- Tree shrews -- Colugos -- Shres, moles, and hedgehogs -- Bats -- Pangolins -- Carnivores: Weasel & skunk families. Raccoon family. Seals, sea lions and walruses. Bear family. Dog family. Hyena family. Cat family. Civets, genets, and mongooses -- Hoofed mammals: Odd-toed ungulates. Even-toed ungulates -- Whales & dolphins: Toothed whales. Baleen whales.
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  • Covering the behaviour, diet, distribution, and evolution of various mammals, this work is illustrated with photographs and original artwork, including photo-stories of momentous events, such as how a cheetah learns to hunt, an elephant's early years, and life in the pouch for a kangaroo.