Elections A to Z

  • 4th ed.
  • Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE c2012
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  • ""Half Title Page""; ""Full Title Page""; ""Copyright Page""; ""Contents""; ""About the Authors""; ""Preface""; ""Historic Milestones in U.S. Elections""; ""Absentee Voting""; ""Absolute Majority""; ""American Independent Party (1968â€?) and American Party (1972â€?)""; ""Anti-Federalists (1789â€?1796)""; ""Anti-Masonic Party (1832â€?1836)""; ""At-Large""; ""Baker v. Carr""; ""Ballot Access""; ""Ballot Types""; ""Bandwagon Effect""; ""Beauty Contest""; ""Bellwether""; ""Bicameral""; ""Bilingual Voters""; ""Black Suffrage""; ""Blue Dog Democrats""; ""Boll Weevil""; ""Border States""
  • ""Brass Collar Democrat""""Brokered Convention""; ""Buckley v. Valeo""; ""Bundling""; ""Bush v. Gore""; ""Campaign, Basic Stages of""; ""Campaign Buttons""; ""Campaign Finance""; ""Campaign Slogans""; ""Campaign Strategies""; ""Campaigning""; ""Candidate-Centered Campaigns""; ""Canvassing Board""; ""Caucus""; ""Census""; ""Citizens Party (1979â€?1984)""; ""Citizenship and Voting""; ""Civil Rights Acts""; ""Club for Growth""; ""Coalition""; ""Coattails""; ""Communist Party U.S.A. (1924â€?)""; ""Congressional District""; ""Congressional Elections""; ""Constituency""
  • ""Constitutional Union Party (1860)""""Constitution Party (U.S. Taxpayers Party) (1992â€?)""; ""Contested Elections""; ""Crossover Voting""; ""Cumulative Voting""; ""Dark Horse""; ""Debates""; ""Delegates""; ""Democracy""; ""Democratic Leadership Council""; ""Democratic National Committee""; ""Democratic Party (1832â€?)""; ""Democratic-Republican Party (1796â€?1828)""; ""Direct Election""; ""District of Columbia""; ""Districts, Wards, and Precincts""; ""Election Cycle in America""; ""Election Day""; ""Election Fraud""; ""Electoral Anomalies""; ""Electoral Behavior""
  • ""Electoral College and Votes""""Equal Time and Rebuttal Rules""; ""Exit Polls""; ""“527â€? Political Organizations""; ""Favorite Son""; ""Federal Election Commission""; ""Federal Workersâ€? Political Activity""; ""Federalist Party (1789â€?1816)""; ""Forecasting Election Results""; ""Franchise""; ""Free Soil Party (1848â€?1852)""; ""Freeholder""; ""Front-Loading""; ""Front-Runner""; ""Fusionism""; ""Gerrymander""; ""Get Out the Vote""; ""Governor""; ""Grandfather Clause""; ""Green Party (1996â€?)""; ""Greenback Party (1876â€?1884)""; ""Hard Money""; ""Help America Vote Act of 2002""
  • ""Home Rule""""House of Representatives, Electing""; ""House of Representatives, Qualifications""; ""Ideology""; ""Incumbency""; ""Independent""; ""Initiatives and Referendums""; ""Interest Group""; ""International and U.S. Elections Compared""; ""Internet Politics""; ""Iowa Caucus""; ""Issue Voting""; ""Judicial System""; ""Know Nothing (American) Party (1856)""; ""Lame Duck""; ""Landslide""; ""LaRouche Movement (U.S. Labor Party, 1973â€? )""; ""Liberal Republican Party (1872)""; ""Libertarian Party (1971â€?)""; ""Liberty Party (1839â€?1848)""; ""Lieutenant Governor""; ""Literacy Tests""
  • ""Mandate""
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  • This title explains how campaigns and elections, the hallmark of any democracy, are conducted in the United States. Entries range from short definitions of terms like 'front-runner' to in-depth essays exploring vital aspects such as the right to vote turnout trends, and the history and current state of House Senate, and presidential elections.