Ethnic cleansing in twentieth-century Europe

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  • Ethnic cleansing in 20th-century Europe
  • 1st ed.
  • Boulder New York : Social Science Monographs ; Dist. by Columbia University Press 2003
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xiv, 860 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
  • 0880339950
  • 9780880339957
  • Papers from conference held at Duquesne University, 16-18 November, 2000.
  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • Foreword / Otto von Habsburg -- Introduction: Ethnic cleansing in history / Steven Béla Várdy and T. Hunt Tooley -- From "Eastern Switzerland" to ethnic cleansing: is the dream still relevant? / Géza Jeszenszky -- Ethnic cleansing / Michael V. Hayden. Part I. The rise of twentieth century ethnic cleansing: origins and preconditions. Redrawing the ethnic map in North America: the experience of France, Britain and Canada, 1536-1946 / N.F. Dreisziger -- World War I and the emergence of ethnic cleansing in Europe / T. Hunt Tooley -- "Ethnic cleansing," emigration, and identity: the case of Habsburg Bosnia-Hercegovina / Peter Mentzel -- "Neither Serbs, nor Turks, neither water nor wine, but odious renegades": the ethnic cleansing of Slav Muslims and its role in Serbian and Montenegrin discourses since 1800 / Cathie Carmichael -- Bulgarian "Turks": Muslim minority in a Christian nation-state, 1878-1989 / Dennis P. Hupchick -- The twentieth century's first genocide: international law, impunity, the right to reparations, and the ethnic cleansing against the Armenians, 1915-16 / Alfred de Zayas -- Ethnic cleansing in the Greek-Turkish conflicts from the Balkan wars through the Treaty of Lausanne: identifying and defining ethnic cleansing / Ben Lieberman -- Consequences of population transfers: the 1923 case of Greece and Turkey / Eleni Eleftheriou -- Ethnic heterogeneity, cultural homogenization, and state policy in the interwar Balkans / Victor Roudometof.
  • Part II. The ethnic cleansing of Germans during and after World War II. Anglo-American responsibility for the expulsion of the Germans, 1944-48 / Alfred de Zayas -- The London Czech government and the origins of the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans / Christopher Kopper -- Escaping history: the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans a s a Leitmotif in German-Czech relations / Scott Brunstetter -- Polish-speaking Germans and the ethnic cleansing of Germany east of Oder-Neisse / Richard Blanke -- Ethnic cleansing in Upper Silesia, 1944-51 / Tomasz Kamusella -- Reshaping the Free City: cleansed memory in Danzig / Gdańsk, 1939-1952 / Elizabeth Morrow Clark -- Cleansed memory : the new Polish Wrocław / Breslau and the expulsion of the Germans / Gregor Thum -- Yugoslavia's first ethnic cleansing: the expulsion of the Danubian Germans, 1944-1946 / John R. Schindler -- The expulsion of the Germans from Hungary after World War II / János Angi -- The deportation of ethnic Germans from Romania to the Soviet Union, 1945-1949 / Nicolae Harsányi.
  • Part III. The aftereffects of ethnic cleansing in the wake of World War II. The isolationist as interventionist: Senator William Langer on the subject of ethnic cleansing, March 29, 1946 / Charles M. Barber -- A house divided: the Catholic Church and the tensions between refugees-expellees and West Germans in the postwar era / Frank Buscher -- The United States and the refusal to feed German civilians after World War II / Richard Donminic Wiggers -- The German expellees and European values / Emil Nagengast -- Ethnic cleansing and collective punishment: the Soviet policy towards prisoners of war and civilian internees in the Carpathian Basin / Tamás Stark -- Forgotten victims of World War II: Hungarian women in Soviet forced labor camps / Agnes Huszár Várdy -- Revolution and ethnic cleansing in Western Ukraine: the OUN-UPA assault against Polish settlements in Volhynia and eastern Galicia, 1943-1944 / Alexander V. Prusin -- The deportation and ethnic cleansing of the Crimean Tatars / Brian Glyn Williams -- Ethnic cleansing in Slovakia: the plight of the Hungarian minority / Edward Chászár -- The Hungarian-Slovak population exchange and forced resettlement in 1947 / Róbert Barta -- The fate of Hungarians in Yugoslavia: genocide, ethnicide, or ethnic cleansing? / Andrew Ludányi.
  • Part IV. Survival and memory: Vertreibung. A survivor's report / Karl Hausner -- The day I will never forget / Hermine Hausner -- Exceptional bonds: revenge and reconciliation in Potulice, Poland, 1945 and 1998 / Martha Kent -- Remarks by a survivor / Erich A. Helfert -- Recapturing the spirit of Nuremberg: published and unpublished sources on the Danube Swabians of Yugoslavia / Raymond Lohne -- Ethnic cleansing and the Carpathian-Germans of Slovakia / Andreas Roalnd Wesserle.
  • Part V. Ethnic cleansing and its broader implications in the last third of the twentieth century. Systematic policies of forced assimilation against Rumania's Hungarian minority, 1965-1989 / László Hámos -- Ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s: a euphemism for genocide / Klejda Mulaj -- Critique of the concept of "ethnic cleansing" : the case of Yugoslavia / Robert H. Whealey -- Recent developments in the law of genocide and implications for Kosovo / John Cerone -- The shifting interpretation of the term ethnic cleansing in central and eastern Europe / János Mazsu -- The evolving definitions if IDPs and links to ethnic cleansing in Europe / Gabriel S. Pelláthy -- Long-term consequences of forced population transfers: institutionalized ethnic cleansing as the road to new (in- )stability? a European perspective / Stefan Wolff -- Ethnic cleansing 1945 and today: observations on its illegality and implications / Alfred de Zayas.
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