Ethnic cleansing in twentieth-century Europe / editors, Steven Béla Várdy and T. Hunt Tooley ; associate editor, Agnes Huszár Várdy ; foreword, Otto von Habsburg.

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  • Ethnic cleansing in 20th-century Europe
  • 1st ed.
  • Boulder New York : Social Science Monographs ; Dist. by Columbia University Press 2003
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xiv, 860 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
  • 0880339950
  • 9780880339957
  • Papers from conference held at Duquesne University, 16-18 November, 2000.
  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • Foreword / Otto von Habsburg -- Introduction: Ethnic cleansing in history / Steven Béla Várdy and T. Hunt Tooley -- From "Eastern Switzerland" to ethnic cleansing: is the dream still relevant? / Géza Jeszenszky -- Ethnic cleansing / Michael V. Hayden. Part I. The rise of twentieth century ethnic cleansing: origins and preconditions. Redrawing the ethnic map in North America: the experience of France, Britain and Canada, 1536-1946 / N.F. Dreisziger -- World War I and the emergence of ethnic cleansing in Europe / T. Hunt Tooley -- "Ethnic cleansing," emigration, and identity: the case of Habsburg Bosnia-Hercegovina / Peter Mentzel -- "Neither Serbs, nor Turks, neither water nor wine, but odious renegades": the ethnic cleansing of Slav Muslims and its role in Serbian and Montenegrin discourses since 1800 / Cathie Carmichael -- Bulgarian "Turks": Muslim minority in a Christian nation-state, 1878-1989 / Dennis P. Hupchick -- The twentieth century's first genocide: international law, impunity, the right to reparations, and the ethnic cleansing against the Armenians, 1915-16 / Alfred de Zayas -- Ethnic cleansing in the Greek-Turkish conflicts from the Balkan wars through the Treaty of Lausanne: identifying and defining ethnic cleansing / Ben Lieberman -- Consequences of population transfers: the 1923 case of Greece and Turkey / Eleni Eleftheriou -- Ethnic heterogeneity, cultural homogenization, and state policy in the interwar Balkans / Victor Roudometof.
  • Part II. The ethnic cleansing of Germans during and after World War II. Anglo-American responsibility for the expulsion of the Germans, 1944-48 / Alfred de Zayas -- The London Czech government and the origins of the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans / Christopher Kopper -- Escaping history: the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans a s a Leitmotif in German-Czech relations / Scott Brunstetter -- Polish-speaking Germans and the ethnic cleansing of Germany east of Oder-Neisse / Richard Blanke -- Ethnic cleansing in Upper Silesia, 1944-51 / Tomasz Kamusella -- Reshaping the Free City: cleansed memory in Danzig / Gdańsk, 1939-1952 / Elizabeth Morrow Clark -- Cleansed memory : the new Polish Wrocław / Breslau and the expulsion of the Germans / Gregor Thum -- Yugoslavia's first ethnic cleansing: the expulsion of the Danubian Germans, 1944-1946 / John R. Schindler -- The expulsion of the Germans from Hungary after World War II / János Angi -- The deportation of ethnic Germans from Romania to the Soviet Union, 1945-1949 / Nicolae Harsányi.
  • Part III. The aftereffects of ethnic cleansing in the wake of World War II. The isolationist as interventionist: Senator William Langer on the subject of ethnic cleansing, March 29, 1946 / Charles M. Barber -- A house divided: the Catholic Church and the tensions between refugees-expellees and West Germans in the postwar era / Frank Buscher -- The United States and the refusal to feed German civilians after World War II / Richard Donminic Wiggers -- The German expellees and European values / Emil Nagengast -- Ethnic cleansing and collective punishment: the Soviet policy towards prisoners of war and civilian internees in the Carpathian Basin / Tamás Stark -- Forgotten victims of World War II: Hungarian women in Soviet forced labor camps / Agnes Huszár Várdy -- Revolution and ethnic cleansing in Western Ukraine: the OUN-UPA assault against Polish settlements in Volhynia and eastern Galicia, 1943-1944 / Alexander V. Prusin -- The deportation and ethnic cleansing of the Crimean Tatars / Brian Glyn Williams -- Ethnic cleansing in Slovakia: the plight of the Hungarian minority / Edward Chászár -- The Hungarian-Slovak population exchange and forced resettlement in 1947 / Róbert Barta -- The fate of Hungarians in Yugoslavia: genocide, ethnicide, or ethnic cleansing? / Andrew Ludányi.
  • Part IV. Survival and memory: Vertreibung. A survivor's report / Karl Hausner -- The day I will never forget / Hermine Hausner -- Exceptional bonds: revenge and reconciliation in Potulice, Poland, 1945 and 1998 / Martha Kent -- Remarks by a survivor / Erich A. Helfert -- Recapturing the spirit of Nuremberg: published and unpublished sources on the Danube Swabians of Yugoslavia / Raymond Lohne -- Ethnic cleansing and the Carpathian-Germans of Slovakia / Andreas Roalnd Wesserle.
  • Part V. Ethnic cleansing and its broader implications in the last third of the twentieth century. Systematic policies of forced assimilation against Rumania's Hungarian minority, 1965-1989 / László Hámos -- Ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s: a euphemism for genocide / Klejda Mulaj -- Critique of the concept of "ethnic cleansing" : the case of Yugoslavia / Robert H. Whealey -- Recent developments in the law of genocide and implications for Kosovo / John Cerone -- The shifting interpretation of the term ethnic cleansing in central and eastern Europe / János Mazsu -- The evolving definitions if IDPs and links to ethnic cleansing in Europe / Gabriel S. Pelláthy -- Long-term consequences of forced population transfers: institutionalized ethnic cleansing as the road to new (in- )stability? a European perspective / Stefan Wolff -- Ethnic cleansing 1945 and today: observations on its illegality and implications / Alfred de Zayas.
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  • Subject: This volume is the result of the conference on "Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth-Century Europe" held at Duquesne University in November 2000. The conference brought together sixty scholars, primarily historians, but also specialists in other fields, as well as survivors of ethnic cleansing from seven different countries who presented forty-eight papers. The volume encompasses a rich array of case studies, behaviors, origins, and patterns, such topics as "redrawing the ethnic map" in North America from 1536 1946, the twentieth century's first genocide (Armenia 1915-16), ethnic cleansing in World War II and its aftermath, and recent developments in Kosovo.

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