Concise encyclopedia of syntactic theories / edited by Keith Brown and Jim Miller.

  • Oxford ; New York : Pergamon ©1996
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xxxv, 459 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
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  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • American structuralism / John G. Fought -- Applicational grammar / Jim Miller -- Autolexical syntax / Jerrold M. Saddock -- Case Grammar / Mark Steedman -- Chomsky and pragmatics / A. Kasher -- Chomsky's philosophy of language / F.J. Newmeyer -- Cognitive grammar / Ronald W. Langacker -- Constituent structure / P. Jacobson -- Construction grammar / Adele E. Goldberg -- Dependency grammar / N.M. Fraser -- Descriptive grammar and formal grammar / F. Stuurman -- Firth and the London School / F.R. Palmer -- Functional grammar / Simon C. Dik -- Functional grammar : Martinet's model / André Martinet -- Functional relations / R.D. van Valin, Jr. -- Functionalism, axiomatic / S.G.J Hervey -- Gererative grammar : principles and parameters / R. Freidin -- Generative grammar : the minimalist program / Martin Atkinson -- Generative grammar : transformational grammar / Stephen J. Harlow -- Generative semintics / James D. McCawley -- Glossematics (Hjelmslev) / Erik C. Fudge -- Grammatical unites / R.E. Longacre -- Grammaticalization and lexicalization / Elizabeth C. Traugott -- Greenberg universals / B.G. Hewitt -- Head-driven phrase structure grammar / Richard P. Cooper -- Iconicity / J. Haiman -- Information structure / W.A. Foley -- Language acquisition : formal models and learnability theory / Martin Atkinson -- Language acquisition : grammar / H. Tager-Flusberg -- Lexical functional grammar / C. Neidle -- Lexicase / Stanley Starosta -- Lexicon in formal grammar / R.L. Humphreys -- Lexicon grammar / Maurice Gross -- New developments in lexical functional grammar / Louisa Sadler -- Prague School syntax and semantics / Eva Hajičová -- Relational grammar / B. Blake -- Role and reference grammar / Robert D. van Valin, Jr. -- Stratificational grammar / David C. Bennett -- Syntax and phonology / Arnold M. Zwicky -- Syntax and progmatics / R. Carston -- Syntax and semantics / P.A.M. Seuren -- Systemic functional grammar / M.A.K. Halliday -- Tagmemics / Linda K. Jones -- Topic, focus and word order / Rosanna Sornicola -- Typological and areal issus in grammar / L. Campbell -- Typology and grammar / W. Croft -- Typology and word order change / K. Burridge -- Universals of language / J.R. Payne -- Valency and valency grammar / David J. Allerton -- Word grammar / R.A. Hudson -- Word order and linearization / A. Siewierska -- X-bar Syntax / R. Cann.
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  • Syntactic description and theoretical syntax are central concerns in linguistics. For thirty years, the search for a single formal model of syntax has been the central task in the field; many theories have been proposed, some discarded, none universally adopted, and the problem continues to challenge linguists. This collection gives a full and fascinating picture of the evolution of linguists' attempts to wrestle with syntax. The comprehensive inclusion of less popular theories alongside more current ones provides the researcher with the context and perspectives necessary to appreciate why some avenues have been pursued, while others have not. This is valuable for the development both of the more generally accepted approaches, and of others now being revived or introduced.

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