The genius of China : 3,000 years of science, discovery, and invention / Robert Temple ; introduced by Joseph Needham.

Other titles
  • China.
  • London : Prion 1991
Physical description
254 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm
  • 1853750786
  • 9781853750786
  • Popularization of Joseph Needham's Science and civilisation in China.
  • Originally published: Wellingborough, Patrick Stephens, 1986, with the title: China, land of discovery.
  • Includes bibliographical references (page 253).
  • Other format: Also issued online.
  • Agriculture. Row cultivation and intensive hoeing ; The iron plow ; Efficient horse harnesses ; The rotary winnowing fan ; The multi-tube ('modern') seed drill -- Astronomy and cartography. Recognition of sunspots as solar phenomena ; Quantitative cartography ; Discovery of the solar wind ; The Mercator map-projection ; Equatorial astronomical instruments -- Engineering. Spouting bowls and standing waves ; Cast iron ; The double-acting piston bellows ; The crank handle ; The 'Cardan suspension', or gimbals ; Manufacture of steel from cast iron ; Deep drilling for natural gas ; The belt-drive (or driving-belt) ; Water power ; The chain pump ; The suspension bridge ; The first cybernetic machine ; Essentials of the steam engine ; 'Magic mirrors' ; The 'Siemens' steel process ; The segmental arch bridge ; The chain-drive ; Underwater salvage operations -- Domestic and industrial technology. Lacquer: the first plastic ; Strong beer (sake) ; Petroleum and natural gas as fuel ; Paper ; The wheelbarrow ; Sliding calipers ; The magic lantern ; The fishing reel ; The stirrup ; Porcelain ; Biological pest control ; The umbrella ; Matches ; Chess ; Brandy and whisky ; The mechanical clock ; Printing ; Playing cards ; Paper money ; 'Permanent' lamps ; The spinning-wheel -- Medicine and health. Circulation of the blood ; Circadian rhythms in the human body ; The science of endocrinology ; Deficiency diseases ; Diabetes ; Use of thyroid hormone ; Immunology -- Mathematics. The decimal system ; A place for zero ; Negative numbers ; Extraction of higher roots and solutions of higher numerical equations ; Decimal fractions ; Using algebra in geometry ; A refined value of pi ; 'Pascal's' triangle -- Magnetism. The first compasses ; Dial and pointer devices ; Magnetic declination of the earth's magnetic field ; Magnetic remanence and induction -- The physical sciences. Geobotanical prospecting ; The first law of motion ; The hexagonal structure of snowflakes ; The seismograph ; Spontaneous combustion ; 'Modern' geology ; Phosphorescent paint -- Transportation and exploration. The kite ; Manned flight with kites ; The first relief maps ; The first contour transport canal ; The parachute ; Miniature hot-air balloons ; The rudder ; Masts and sailing ; Watertight compartments in ships ; The helicopter rotor and the propeller ; The paddle-wheel boat ; Land sailing ; The canal pound-lock -- Sound and music. The large tuned bell ; Tuned drums ; Hermetically sealed research laboratories ; The first understanding of musical timbre ; Equal temperament in music -- Warfare. Chemical warfare, poison gas, smoke bombs and tear gas -- The crossbow ; Gunpowder ; The flame-thrower ; Flares, fireworks, bombs, grenades, land mines and sea mines ; The rocket, and multi-staged rockets ; Guns, cannons, mortars and repeating guns.
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  • An introduction to the achievements of ancient China.

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