The Turkic languages / edited by Lars Johanson and Eva A. Csato.

  • London ; New York : Routledge 1998
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1 online resource (xxiii, 474 pages)
  • 9780203066102
  • 9781136825279
  • 9781136825347
  • 9781136825415
  • 9780415082006
  • 9780415412612
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Reproduction available: Electronic reproduction. [London] : Routledge, [2015]. Available in PDF format. Description based on contents viewed 8 August 2016.
  • Reproduction available: Electronic reproduction. [London, Eng. : Taylor and Francis, 2015]. PDF file created from digital scan of print book.
  • Specialized.
  • 1. The speakers of Turkic languages / Hendrik Boeschoten -- 2. The Turkic peoples : a historical sketch / Peter B. Golden -- 3. The structure of Turkic / Lars Johanson -- 4. The reconstruction of proto-Turkic and the genetic question / Andras Rona-Tas -- 5. The history of Turkic / Lars Johanson -- 6. Turkic writing systems / Andras Rona-Tas -- 7. Old Turkic / Marcel Erdal -- 8. Middle Kipchak / Arpad Berta -- 9. Chaghatay / Hendrik Boeschoten and Mare Vandamme -- 10. Ottoman Turkish / Celia Kerslake -- 11. Turkish / Eva A. Csato and Lars Johanson -- 12. Turkish dialects / Bemt Brendemoen -- 13. The Turkish language reform / Bemt Brendemoen -- 14. Azerbaijanian / Claus Schonig -- 15. Turkmen / Claus Schonig -- 16. Turkic languages of Iran / Gerhard Doerfer -- 17. Tatar and Bashkir / Arpad Berta -- 18. West Kipchak languages / Arpad Berta -- 19. Kazakh and Karakalpak / Mark Kirchner -- 20. Noghay / Eva A. Csato and Birsel Karakoc -- 21. Kirghiz / Mark Kirchner -- 22. Uzbek / Hendrik Boeschoten -- 23. Uyghur / Reinhard F. Hahn -- 24. Yellow Uyghur and Salar / Reinhard F. Hahn -- 25. South Siberian Turkic / Claus Schonig -- 26. Yakut / Marek Stachowski and Astrid Menz -- 27. Chuvash / Larr Clark.
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  • Each language description gives an overview of the language followed by detail on phonology, morphology, syntax, lexis and dialects. An historical overview of the development of languages within this wide-ranging language family is also provided.

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