Thailand and Japan's southern advance, 1940-1945

  • Basingstoke : Macmillan 1994
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xvi, 334 p : maps ; 22 cm.
  • 0333614968


  • The crises that marked the dramatic expansion of Japanese rule over Asia posed unique problems for Thailand. The only independent country in Southeast Asia, Thailand was clearly too weak to withstand Japan, but, as a sovereign state, it had the great advantage that it could not be "liberated" by the Japanese military in the same manner as the European and American colonies. The abilities that had proven so vital in fending off British and French imperialism were also to be essential in dealing with Japan. This fascinating study, based on Japanese, Thai, and English language sources - including the Office of Strategic Services files and MAGIC intercepts - examines the circumstances and strategies that led Thailand into a wartime alliance with Japan, Tokyo's efforts to integrate Thailand into the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, and Thai maneuvers to resist Japan's embrace. Finally, it explains how, during the latter stages of the war, the Thai were able to maintain relations with the Japanese while surreptitiously establishing links with the Allies.