Special relativity and its experimental foundations / Yuan Zhong Zhang.

  • Singapore ; River Edge, NJ : World Scientific c1997
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  • Preface; Contents; Part 1. Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity; Chapter 1. Foundations of Space-Time Theories; 1.1. Introduction; 1.2. Definition of Inertial Reference Frame; 1.3. Simultaneity and Clock Synchronization; 1.4. Principle of Relativity; 1.5. Velocity and Simultaneity; Chapter 2. Relativistic Kinematics; 2.1. Galilean Transformation; 2.2. Lorentz Transformation; 2.3. Four-Dimensional Minkowski Space-Time; 2.4. Einstein's Law of the Addition of Velocities; 2.5. Transformation of Accelerations; 2.6. Infinitesimal Lorentz Transformation; 2.7. Simultaneity and Causality
  • 2.8. Contraction of a Moving Body2.9. Time Dilation of a Moving Clock; 2.10. Aberration and Doppler Effect; 2.11. The Thomas Precession; Chapter 3. Relativistic Mechanics; 3.1. Mass Momentum Force Work and Energy; 3.2. Transformations of Mass Momentum Energy and Force; Chapter 4. Electrodynamics in Media; 4.1. The Fundamental Equations; 4.2. Relativistic Transformations of Electromagnetic Quantities; 4.3. Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in a Moving Medium; 4.4. Reflection and Refraction of Electromagnetic Waves; Chapter 5. The PROCA Vector Field
  • 5.1. Covariant Form of Maxwell's Field Equations5.2. Proca's Vector Field Equations; 5.3. Dispersion in Vacuum; Part 2. Test Theories of Special Relativity; Chapter 6. Edwards' Theory; 6.1. Introduction; 6.2. One-Way and Two-Way Velocities of Light; 6.3. Edwards Transformation; 6.4. Anisotropic Four-Dimensional Space-Time; 6.5. Comparison Among Edwards' Theory and Experiments; 6.6. On Dynamics of Edwards' Theory; Chapter 7. The General Test Theories; 7.1. Introduction; 7.2. Robertson's Test Theory; 7.3. Mansouri-Sexl (MS) Transformation
  • 7.4. Comparison between the MS Transformations and Experiments7.5. Relationship among Lorentz and Generalized Transformations; 7.6. Comparison of Different Conventions; Part 3. Experimental Tests of Special Relativity; Chapter 8. The Tests of Einstein's Two Postulates; 8.1. Introduction; 8.2. Tests of Directionality; 8.3. The Experiments with Moving Sources of Light; 8.4. Summary of the Tests of the Constancy of the Velocity of Light; 8.5. Tests of the Principle of Special Relativity; Chapter 9. The Tests of Time Dilation; 9.1. The Problem of Clock Paradox; 9.2. Around-the-World Atomic Clocks
  • 9.3. Doppler Effect9.4. Lifetime Dilation of Moving Mesons; Chapter 10. The Electromagnetism Experiments; 10.1. Introduction; 10.2. Electromagnetic Induction of Moving Bodies; 10.3. The Fresnel Drag Effect; 10.4. Reflection at Moving Mirrors; Chapter 11. The Tests of Relativistic Mechanics; 11.1. The Test of Variation of Mass with Velocity; 11.2. Relation of Mass and Energy; Chapter 12. The Upper Bounds on Photon Mass; 12.1. Dispersion Effect of Velocity of Light in Vacuum; 12.2. The Tests of Coulomb's Law; 12.3. The Magnetostatic Effect of Photon Mass; 12.4. The Magnetohydrodynamic Effects
  • 12.5. Other Methods
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  • This book is divided into two parts. In the first part we introduce the foundations of special relativity, such as, the inertial frame of reference, the definition of simulataneity, and Einstein's two basic hypotheses. We give the main relativistic effects, e.g. the relativity of simultaneity, velocity addition, length-contraction, the apparent shape of a moving body, time-dilation, Doppler effect, and the Thomas precession, In particular, the simultaneity problem and slow transport of clocks are investigated in detail by means of the test theories of special relativity. In the second part, va

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