Why we're liberals : a political handbook for post-Bush America / Eric Alterman.

  • New York : Viking c2008
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401 p. ; 24 cm.
  • 9780670018604
  • 0670018600
  • Includes bibliographical references (p. 337-382) and index.
  • I: What is this thing called "liberal"? -- Liberalism: a crooked branch of timber -- What do liberals believe, anyway? -- What does liberalism look like? -- So what's the problem? -- Why do liberals hate patriotism? -- Why do liberals always blame America first? -- But aren't liberals awfully cavalier about protecting our national security? -- Why are liberals so damn elitist? -- Why do liberals love Hollywood smut peddlers? -- When will liberals stop undermining America's values and poisoning the minds of its youth? -- Why do liberals deny that America was founded as a Christina nation? -- Why won't liberals admit that America is suffering from a crisis in moral values? -- If liberals are so peace-loving, why do they want to murder the unborn? -- Why do liberals believe in marriage only for homosexuals? -- Why are liberals educating our children to be perverts? -- Why do liberals hate religion? -- Why do liberals hate the Jews? -- Why are liberals so contemptuous of individual freedom? -- Why do liberals love "activist judges"? -- When will liberals stop crying "racism" at every opportunity? -- Why are liberals so soft on America's enemies? -- Why do liberals love to tax and spend? -- Don't Conservatives do a better job of promoting economic growth than liberals? -- But why are liberals so nasty? -- Why are liberals such wimps?
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  • Thanks to the machinations of the right, there is no dirtier word in American politics today than "liberal"--yet public opinion polls consistently show that the majority of Americans hold liberal views on everything from health care to foreign policy. In this feisty, accessible primer, journalist and scholar Alterman sets out to restore liberalism to its rightful honored place in our political life as the politics of America's everyday citizens. In a crisply argued though extensively documented counterattack on right-wing spin and misinformation, Alterman briskly disposes of such canards as "Liberals Hate God" and "Liberals Are Soft on Terrorism," reclaiming liberalism from the false definitions foisted upon it by the right and repeated everywhere else. This book brings clarity and perspective to what has often been a one-sided debate for nothing less than the heart and soul of America.--From publisher description.
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