Textbook of pediatric infectious diseases / [edited by] Ralph D. Feigin [and others].

  • 5th ed.
  • Philadelphia, Pa. : Saunders ©2004
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2 volumes (xxxviii, 3348, lxxvi pages) : illustrations (some color) ; 28 cm
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  • 9780721693293
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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • V. 1. Host-parasite relationships and the pathogenesis of infectious diseases -- Infections of specific organ systems -- Upper respiratory tract infections -- Lower respiratory tract infections -- Infections of the heart -- Central nervous system infections -- Genitourinary tract infections -- Gastrointestinal tract infections -- Liver diseases -- Other intra-abdominal infections -- Musculoskeletal infections -- Skin infections -- Ocular infections -- Systemic infectious diseases -- Viral and miscellaneous infections of the fetus and newborn -- Infections of the compromised host -- Unclassified infectious diseases -- Infections with specific microorganisms -- Bacterial infections -- Gram-positive cocci -- Gram-negative cocci -- Gram-positive bacilli -- Enterobacteria -- Gram-negative coccobacilli -- v. 2. Treponemataceae -- Anaerobic bacteria -- Viral infections -- DNA viruses -- Parvoviridae -- Papilloviridae -- Miscellaneous slow viruses and prion-related diseases -- Adenoviridae -- Hepatoviridae -- Herpesviridae -- Poxviridae -- RNA viruses -- Picornaviridae -- Caliciviridae -- Reoviridae -- Togaviridae -- Flaviviridae -- Orthomyxoviridae -- Paramyxoviridae -- Rhabdoviridae -- Arenaviridae -- Coronaviridae -- Bunyaviridae -- Retroviridae -- Chlamydia -- Rickettsial diseases -- Mycoplasma -- Fungal diseases -- Parasitic diseases -- Protozoa -- Amebae -- Flagellates (intestinal) -- Ciliates (intestinal) -- Coccidia, inicnosporidia (intestinal) -- Sporazin, flagellates -- Nematodes -- Cestodes -- Trematodes -- Arthropods -- Health information for international travel -- Infection control -- Hospital control of infections -- Therapeutics -- Prevention of infectious diseases -- Other preventive considerations -- Guides to the diagnosis of infection -- Biostatistics applicable to the subspecialty of infectious diseases.
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  • This revised edition includes separate chapters for infections in children with bone marrow, heart, liver, and kidney transplantations; offers full-chapter coverage of infections related to prosthetic or artificial devices, central line infections, mechanisms of emerging microbial resistance, antibiotic dosing and renal or hepatic failure and drug interactions of antibiotics, and outpatient intravenous antibiotic therapy; discusses infections related to plastic surgery procedures, including complex craniotomy procedures and skin grafts; presents expanded discussions of the treatment of sinusitius, post-operative median sternotomy infections, treatment and the duration of therapy for brain abscess, Candida renal abscess in the neonate, chronic osteomyelitis, infections related to arthroscopy, duration of therapy for invasive aspergillus, and travel medicine; includes a new section on perinatal or natal transmission of hepatitis C, plus a completely new chapter on hepatitis G; and offers new coverage of the treatment options for ruptured or complicated appendicitis, hepato-splenic "cat scratch" fever, periodic fever with ulcer, pharyngitis, adenitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and hemophagocytic syndrome.
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