Desk encyclopedia of microbiology / editor-in-chief, Moselio Schaechter.

  • 2nd ed.
  • Amsterdam : Elsevier, Academic 2009
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xv, 1259 p. : ill. (some col.)
  • 0080961282 (e-book)
  • 9780080961286 (e-book)
  • Previous ed.: Amsterdam; London: Elsevier Academic, 2004.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
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  • Actinobacteria/ A. Ul-Hassan E. M. Wellington
  • Adhesion, Microbial/ L. Cegelski C. L. Smith S. J. Hultgren
  • Agrobacterium and Plant Cell Transformation/ P. J. Christie
  • Amino Acid Production/ L. Eggeling H. Sahm
  • Antibiotic Resistance/ B. Perichon P. Courvalin
  • Antifungal Agents/ A. Espinel-Ingroff
  • Antiviral Agents/ E. Paintsil Yung-Chi Cheng
  • Archaea (Overview)/ S. DasSarma J. A. Coker P. DasSarma
  • Autotrophic CO[subscript 2] Metabolism/ B. E. Alber
  • Bacillus Subtilis/ P. J. Piggot
  • Bacteriophage (Overview)/ P. Hyman S. T. Abedon
  • Biofilms, Microbial/ J. W. Costerton
  • Biological Warfare/ J. A. Poupard L. A. Miller
  • Bioluminescence, Microbial/ P. V. Dunlap
  • Bioreactors/ L. E. Erickson
  • Caulobacter/ J. S. Poindexter
  • Cell Cycles and Division, Bacterial/ N. Nanninga
  • Cell Membrane, Prokaryotic/ M. H. Saier, Jr.
  • Cell Structure, Organization, Bacteria and Archaea/ N. Nanninga
  • Chromosome, Bacterial/ K. Drlica A. J. Bendich
  • Conjugation, Bacterial/ L. S. Frost
  • Continuous Cultures (Chemostats)/ J. G. Kuenen O. J. Johnson
  • Cyanobacteria/ F. Garcia-Pichel
  • Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents/ A. Teske
  • DNA Restriction and Modification/ G. W. Blakely N. E. Murray
  • DNA Sequencing and Genomics/ J. H. Leamon J. M. Rothberg
  • Emerging Infections/ D. L. Heymann
  • Endosymbionts and Intracellular Parasites/ A. E. Douglas
  • Enteropathogenic Infections/ F. K. Bahrani-Mougeot M. W. Scobey P. J. Sansonetti
  • Escherichia Coli/ M. Schaechter
  • Ethanol/ L. R. Jarboe K. T. Shanmugam L. O. Ingram
  • Evolution, Theory and Experiments With Microorganisms/ R. E. Lenski M. J. Wiser
  • Exotoxins/ J. T. Barbieri
  • Extremophiles: Acidic Environments/ D. B. Johnson
  • Extremophiles: Cold Environments/ J. W. Deming
  • Extremophile S: Hot Environments/ J. F. Holden
  • Fermentation/ A. Bock
  • Flagella, Prokaryotic/ S-I Aizawa
  • Forensic Microbiology/ S. Y. Hunt N. G. Barnaby B. Budowle S. Morse
  • Gastrointestinal Microbiology in the Normal Host/ S. M. Finegold
  • Genome Sequence Databases: Genomic, Construction of Librarie/ S. J. M. Struble P. Handke R. T. Gill
  • Gram-Negative Cocci, Pathogenic/ E. C. Gotschlich
  • Helicobacter Pylori/ S. Suerbaum M. J. Blaser
  • Hepatitis Viruses/ A. J. Uriel P. Martin
  • Herpesviruses/ A. L. van Lint D. M. Knipe
  • HIV/AIDS/ S. Kaushik J. A. Levy
  • Horizontal Gene Transfer: Uptake of Extracellular DNA by Bacteria/ K. M. Nielsen J. L. Ray P. J. Johnsen
  • Influenza/ A. Garcia-Sastre
  • Legionella, Bartonella, Haemophilus/ N. C. Engleberg
  • Lipopolysaccharides (Endotoxins)/ A. X. Tran C. Whitfield
  • Marine Habitats/ D. M. Karl R. Letelier
  • Metabolism , Central (Intermediary)/ M. P. Spector
  • Metagenomics/ Z. L. Sabree M. R. Rondon J. Handelsman
  • Metal Extraction and Biomining/ C. A. Jerez
  • Mycoplasma and Spiroplasma/ J. Stulke H. Eilers S. R. Schmidl
  • Nutrition, Microbial/ T. Egli
  • Gram-Negative Opportunistic Anaerobes: Friends and Foes/ A. A. Salyers N. B. Shoemaker
  • Outer Membrane, Gram-Negative Bacteria/ H. Nikaido
  • Peptidoglycan (Murein)/ M. A. de Pedro
  • Photosynthesis: Microbial/ B. Jagannathan J. H. Golbeck
  • Pili, Fimbriae/ B. K. Dhakal J. M. Bower M. A. Mulvey
  • Plant Pathogens and Disease: General Introduction/ G. N. Agrios
  • Plasmids, Bacterial/ M. Filutowicz
  • Posttranscriptional Regulation/ T. M. Henkin PRIONS W. Bodemer
  • Pseudomonas/ A. Zago S. Chugani
  • Quorum-Sensing in Bacteria/ M. M. Ramsey A. K. Korgaonkar M. Whiteley
  • Sensory Transduction in Bacteria/ M. Y. Galperin
  • Spirochetes/ D. A. Haake
  • Staphylococcus/ A. F. Gillaspy J. J. Iandolo
  • Strain Improvement/ S. Parekh
  • Streptococcus Pneumoniae/ R. Sa-Leao A. Tomasz
  • Transcriptional Regulation/ O. Amster-Choder
  • Transduction: Host DNA Transfer by Bacteriophages/ P. C. Fineran N. K. Petty G. P. C. Salmond
  • Transport, Solute/ Q. Ren I. T. Paulsen
  • Transposable Elements/ W. S. Reznikoff
  • Tuberculosis: Molecular Basis of Pathogenesis/ P. J. Brennan
  • Vaccines, Viral/ A. M. Arvin S. F. Chen
  • Viroids/Virusoids/ B. Ding X. Zhong
  • Yeasts/ G. M. Walker
  • Index.
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