The solar system beyond Neptune

  • Tucson Houston : University of Arizona Press ; Lunar and Planetary Institute 2008
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xix, 592 p. : ill. (some col.), map ; 29 cm.
  • 9780816527557
  • 0816527555
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • The solar system beyond Neptune : overview and perspectives / M.A. Barucci ... [et al.] -- The early development of ideas concerning the transneptunian region / J.K. Davies ... [et al.] -- Transneptunian orbit computation / J. Virtanen ... [et al.] -- Nomenclature in the outer solar system / B. Gladman, B.G. Marsden, and C. VanLaerhoven -- The orbital and spatial distribution of the Kuiper belt / JJ Kavelaars ... [et al.] -- Size distribution of multikilometer transneptunian objects / J-M. Petit ... [et al.] -- Color properties and trends of the transneptunian objects / A. Doressoundiram ... [et al.] -- Colors of Centaurs / S.C. Tegler ... [et al.] -- Surface properties of Kuiper belt objects and Centaurs from photometry and polarimetry / I.N. Belskaya ... [et al.] -- Photometric lightcurves of transneptunian objects and Centaurs : rotations, shapes, and densities / S.S. Sheppard, P. Lacerda, and J.L. Ortiz -- Composition and surface properties of transneptunian objects and Centaurs / M.A. Barucci ... [et al.] -- Physical properties of Kuiper belt and Centaur objects : constraints from the Spitzer Space Telescope / J. Stansberry ... [et al.] -- Transneptunian object taxonomy / M. Fulchignoni ... [et al.] -- Physical effects of collisions in the Kuiper belt / Z.M. Leinhardt, S.T. Stewart, and P.H. Schultz --- Structure and evolution of Kuiper belt objects and dwarf planets / W.B. McKinnon ... [et al.] -- The structure of Kuiper belt bodies : link with comets / A. Coradini ... [et al.] -- The scattered disk : origins, dynamics, and end states / R.S. Gomes ... [et al.] -- The dynamical structure of the Kuiper belt and its primordial origin / A. Morbidelli, H.F. Levison, and R. Gomes -- Formation and collisional evolution of Kuiper belt objects / S.J. Kenyon ... [et al.] -- The role of the galaxy in the dynamical evolution of transneptunian objects / M.J. Duncan ... [et al.] -- The largest Kuiper belt objects / M.E. Brown -- Binaries in the Kuiper belt / K.S. Noll ... [et al.] -- On the atmospheres of objects in the Kuiper belt / S.A. Stern and L.M. Trafton -- De Troianis : the Trojans in the planetary system / E. Dotto ... [et al.] -- Kuiper belt objects in the planetary region : the Jupiter-family comets / S. Lowry ... [et al.] -- Irregular satellites of the giant planets / P.D. Nicholson ... [et al.] -- Structure of the Kuiper belt dust disk / J.-C. Liou and D.E. Kaufmann -- The heliopause boundary of the solar system / J.D. Richardson and N. Schwadron -- Extrasolar Kuiper belt dust disks / A. Moro-Martín ... [et al.] -- Laboratory data on ices, refractory carbonaceous materials, and minerals relevant to transneptunian objects and Centaurs / C. de Bergh ... [et al.] -- Laboratory studies of the chemistry of transneptunian object surface materials / R.L. Hudson ... [et al.] -- Meteorites from the outer solar system? / M. Gounelle ... [et al.] -- The Kuiper belt explored by serendipitous stellar occultations / F. Roques, G. Georgevits, and A. Doressoundiram -- New horizons : NASA's Pluto-Kuiper belt mission / H.A. Weaver and S.A. Stern -- Future surveys of the Kuiper belt / C.A. Trujillo.
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