Marine mammals of the world : a comprehensive guide to their identification

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  • Front Cover; Marine Mammals of the World: A Comprehensive Guide to their Identification; Copyringt Page; Contents; Preface and Acknowledgments; Chapter 1. Introduction; The Need for This Guide; Marine Mammal Identification and How to Use This Guide; Notes on the Format of the Species Accounts; Notes on the Dichotomous Keys; Request for Feedback from Users; Chapter 2. Basic Marine Mammal Biology; What is a Marine Mammal?; Types of Marine Mammals; Evolutionary History; Zoogeography, Distribution, and Migration; Anatomy and Physiology; Life History and Reproduction; Feeding Ecology
  • Predation/Parasites/DiseaseBehavior and Social Organization; Strandings; Exploitation and Conservation; Chapter 3. Taxonomic Groupings Above the Species Level; Order Cetacea-Whales, dolphins, and porpoises; Suborder Mysticeti-Baleen whales; Family Balaenidae-Right and bowhead whales; Family Neobalaenidae-Pygmy right whale; Family Balaenopteridae-Rorquals; Family Eschrichtiidae-Gray whale; Suborder Odontoceti-Toothed whales; Family Physeteridae-Sperm whale; Family Kogiidae-Pygmy and dwarf sperm whales; Family Monodontidae-Narwhal and beluga whale; Family Ziphiidae-Beaked whales
  • Family Delphinidae-Marine dolphinsFamily Phocoenidae-Porpoises; Family Platanistidae-South Asian river dolphin; Family Iniidae-Boto; Family Lipotidae-Baiji; Family Pontoporiidae-Franciscana; Order Sirenia-Manatees and dugongs; Family Trichechidae-Manatees; Family Dugongidae-Dugong; Order Carnivora-Carnivorous mammals (including pinnipeds, marine otters, and polar bears); Family Mustelidae-Otters; Family Ursidae-Bears; Suborder Pinnipedia-Seals, sea lions, and walruses; Family Otariidae-Eared seals; Family Odobenidae-Walrus; Family Phocidae-True seals; Chapter 4. Cetacean Species Accounts
  • Mysticeti Baleen whalesNorth Atlantic right whale-Eubalaena glacialis; North Pacific right whale-Eubalaena japonica; Southern right whale-Eubalaena australis; Bowhead whale-Balaena mysticetus; Pygmy right whale-Caperea marginata; Blue whale-Balaenoptera musculus; Fin whale-Balaenoptera physalus; Sei whale-Balaenoptera borealis; Bryde's whale-Balaenoptera brydei and/or B. edeni; Omura's whale-Balaenoptera cf. B. omurai; Common minke whale-Balaenoptera acutorostrata; Antarctic minke whale-Balaenoptera bonaerensis; Humpback whale-Megaptera novaeangliae; Gray whale-Eschrichtius robustus
  • Odontoceti Tootbed whalesSperm whale-Physeter macrocephalus; Pygmy sperm whale-Kogia breviceps; Dwarf sperm whale-Kogia sima; Narwhal-Monodon monoceros; Beluga whale-Delphinapterus leucas; Baird's beaked whale-Berardius bairdii; Arnoux's beaked whale-Berardius arnuxii; Cuvier's beaked whale-Ziphius cavirostris; Northern bottlenose whale-Hyperoodon ampullatus; Southern bottlenose whale-Hyperoodon planifrons; Shepherd's beaked whale-Tasmacetus shepherdi; Note on Beaked Whales of the Genus Mesoplodon; Blainville's beaked whale-Mesoplodon densirostris; Gray's beaked whale-Mesoplodon grayi
  • Odontoceti Tootbed whales
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  • With coverage on all the marine mammals of the world, authors Jefferson, Webber, and Pitman have created a user-friendly guide to identify marine mammals alive in nature (at sea or on the beach), dead specimens "in hand?, and also to identify marine mammals based on features of the skull. This handy guide provides marine biologists and interested lay people with detailed descriptions of diagnostic features, illustrations of external appearance, beautiful photographs, dichotomous keys, and more. Full color illustrations and vivid photographs of every living marine mammal species are incorporate