Economics, ecology, ethics : essays toward a steady-state economy / edited by Herman E. Daly.

Other titles
  • Toward a steady-state economy
  • Toward a steady-state economy.
  • Toward a steady-state economy.
  • San Francisco : W. H. Freeman 1980
Physical description
x, 372 p : ill ; 24 cm.
  • 0716711788
  • 5783699
  • In part a revision of Toward a steady state economy, 1973, edited by H. E. Daly.
  • Includes bibliographies.
  • Introduction to the steady-state economy / Herman E. Daly -- pt. 1. Ecology : ultimate means and biophysical constraints: Introduction / Herman E. Daly ; Availability, entropy, and the laws of thermodynamics / Paul R. Ehrlich, Anne H. Ehrlich, and John P. Holdren ; The entropy law and the economic problem / Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen ; Selections from "Energy and economic myths" / Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen ; Limits to exploitation of nonrenewable resources / Garrett Hardin ; Second thoughts of "The tragedy of the commons" / Garrett Hardin -- pt. 2. Ethics : theultimate end and value constraints: Introduction / Herman E. Daly ; The age of plenty : a Christian view / E.F. Schumacher ; Buddhist economics / E.F. Schumacher ; The presumptions of science / Robert L. Sinsheimer ; Ecology, ethics, and theology / John Cobb ; The abolition of man / C.S. Lewis -- pt. 3. Economics : interaction of ends and means: Introduction / Herman E. Daly ; Economics and the challenge of environmental issues / Peter A. Victor ; The teleological view of wealth : a historical perspective / Gerald Alonzo Smith ; On economics as a life science / Herman E. Daly ; The economics of the coming spaceship earth / Kenneth E. Boulding ; Speceship earth revisited / Kenneth E. Boulding ; The growth of affluence and the decline of welfare / E.J. Mishan ; Energy use and moral restraint / Bruce Hannon ; The severance tax as an instrument of intertemporal equity / Talbot Page ; The steady-state economy : toward a political economy of biophysical equilibrium and moral growth / Herman E. Daly ; Postscript: Some common misunderstandings and further issues concerning a steady-state economy.
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