Fossils, phylogeny, and form : an analytical approach / edited by Jonathan M. Adrain, Gregory D. Edgecombe, Bruce S. Lieberman.

  • New York : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers ©2001
Physical description
xiv, 402 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
  • 0306467216
  • 9780306467219
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Paleobiology: an empirical historical science / J.M. Adrain, Gregory D. Edgecombe, and Bruce S. Lieberman -- Phylogenetic systematics: five steps to enlightenment / Deborah A. McLennan and Daniel R. Brooks -- Morphometry and phylogeny in the resolution of paleobiological problems -- unlocking the evolutionary significance of an assemblage of Silurian trilobites / Nigel C. Hughes and Ralph E. Chapman -- Morphological disparity: a primer / Matthew A. Wills -- Homology, characters, and morphometric data / Miriam Leah Zelditch, Donald L. Swiderski, and William L. Fink -- Landmarks, localization, and the use of morphometrics in phylogenetic analysis / Norman MacLeod -- Cladistic biogeography: component-based methods and paleontological application / Malte C. Ebach and Gregory D. Edgecombe -- Stratigraphy, phylogeny, and species sampling in time and space / Jonathan M. Adrain and Stephen R. Westrop -- Analyzing speciation rates in macroevolutionary studies / Bruce S. Lieberman -- The nature and origin of supraspecific taxa revisited -- with special reference to Trilobita / Niles Eldredge -- The role and design of databases in paleontology / Roger L. Kaesler, Jill W. Krebs, and Douglas L. Miller.
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  • Phylogenetic analysis and morphometrics have been developed by biologists into rigorous analytic tools for testing hupotheses about the relatioships between groups of species. This book applies these tools to paleontological data.

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