Eocene biodiversity : unusual occurrences and rarely sampled habitats / edited by Gregg F. Gunnell.

  • New York : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers 2001
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xxi, 442 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm.
  • 0306465280
  • 9780306465284
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • An updated review of the fish faunas from the Green River Formation, the world's most productive freshwater Lagerstätten / Lance Grande -- Paleontological investigations at the Eocene locality of Mahenge in north-central Tanzania, East Africa / Terry Harrison [and others] -- Early Wasatchian mammals from the Gulf Coastal Plain of Mississippi : biostratigraphic and paleobiogeographic implications / K. Christopher Beard and Mary R. Dawson -- Paleocene-Eocene microvertebrates in freshwater limestone of the Willwood Formation, Clarks Fork Basin, Wyoming / Jonathan I. Block and Gabirel J. Bowen -- Unusual vertebrate microfaunas from the Willwood Formation, Early Eocene of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming / Mary T. Silcox and Kenneth D. Rose -- Stratigraphy and taphonomy of Grizzly Buttes, Bridger Formation, and the Middle Eocene of Wyoming / John P. Alexander and Benjamin J. Burger -- Taphonomic analysis of the Messel Formation (Germany) / Jens Lorenz Franzen -- Paleobiological implications of the Messel mammalian assemblage / Gerhard Storch -- The Eocene mammalian fauna of Chambi (Tunisia) in its geological context / Jean-Louis Hartenberger [and others] -- Gandhera Quarry, a unique mammalian faunal assemblage from the Early Eocene of Baluchistan (Pakistan) / Philip D. Gingerich [and others] -- Paleoecology and biostratigraphy of marginal marine Gulf Coast Eocene vertebrate localities / James W. Westgate -- Taphonomic interpretation of Gnat-Out-Of-Hell, an Early Uintan small mammal locality in the Uinta Formation, Utah / Meg L. Thornton and D. Tab Rasmussen -- A mass death accumulation of Coryphodon anthracoideus (Mammalia, Pantodonta) at Roehler's Coryphodon Catastrophe Quarry (Lower Eocene, Wasatch Formation), Washakie Basin, Wyoming / Elizabeth McGee -- Meniscotherium mass-death assemblages / Thomas E. Williamson -- Taphonomy, fauna, and depositional environment of the Omomys Quarry, an unusual accumulation from the Bridger Formation (Middle Eocene) of southwestern Wyoming (USA) / Paul C. Murphey [and others] -- Basin margins, biodiversity, evolutionary innovation, and the origin of new taxa / Gregg F. Gunnell and William S. Bartels.
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  • The aims of this book are two-fold: (i) to document unusual or rare samples of Eocene fossils, and (ii) to examine what sorts of new and different information can be gathered from these samples that is traditionally not available.

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