Asia in western and world history : a guide for teaching

  • Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe ©1997
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xviii, 998 pages ; 24 cm.
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  • 9781563242656
  • "An East gate book"--Title page verso.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Asia in Western history / Ainslie T. Embree -- The shape of the world: Eurasia / Rhoads Murphey -- Brief syllabus of Asia in Western history / Michael Marmé -- Asian influences on the West / Cho-yun Hsu -- The beginnings of contact and interdependence: Western Asia and the West / Marc Van De Mieroop -- Interfusion of Asian and Western cultures: Islamic civilization and Europe to 1500 / George Saliba -- The Mongols and the West / Morris Rossabi -- Asia and the West in the new world economy, the limited thalassocracies: the Portuguese and the Dutch in Asia, 1498-1700 ; Asia and the West in the new world order, from trading companies to free trade imperialism: the British and their rivals in Asia, 1700-1850 / Derek S. Linton -- Some suggested readings ; Asia in enlightenment and early British imperial views / Leonard A. Gordon -- Images of the other: Asia in nineteenth-century Western thought: Hegel, Marx, and Weber / Harvey Goldman.
  • The rise and fall of western empire in Asia: 1500-1975 / Edward Malefakis.
  • Asia and the West in the twentieth-century world order / Marilyn B. Young -- Asia in world history / Carol Gluck -- The Neolithic transition: hunting-gathering to sedentary village farming and pastoralism ; Primary civilization in Asia / Walter A. Fairservis -- The origins of civilization in China ; Some contrasts and comparisons of Zhou China and ancient Greece / Cho-yun Hsu -- The spread of power: empires east and west / Richard A. Billows -- Empire in East Asia / Cho-yun Hsu -- The emergence of major religions and world views / Peter J. Awn -- The Analects of Confucius, then and now / Irene T. Bloom -- Religions and world views in Asian and world history / Julia Ching, Willard G. Oxtoby -- The era of Asian discovery: trade and the contact of cultures / Richard W. Bulliet -- China, 300-1200 / Michael Marmé -- Song China, 960-1279 / Robert Hymes -- Japan, 550-838 / H. Paul Varley -- India, 100 B.C.E.-1500 / Hermann Kulke, Dietmar Rothermund.
  • Separate spheres and new links: a new stage in world history, 1000-1500 / Peter N. Stearns -- The case of China, 1000-1500 / Michael Marmé -- The case of Japan, 1000-1500 / H. Paul Varley -- The rise of an interdependent world, 1500-1990 / Loyd E. Lee -- The expansion of Europe, 1450-1700 / John W. Cell -- Japan and the West, 1543-1640 / Michael Cooper -- Europe and the world in an expanding world economy, 1700-1850 / John W. Cell -- China and the world, 1500-1800 / William T. Rowe -- China's economy in comparative perspective, 1500 onward / Madeleine Zelin -- An approach to modern Indian economic history / Morris David Morris -- Tokugawa Japan, 1600-1867 / William B. Hauser -- Five myths about early modern Japan / Henry D. Smith II -- State and society during the Qing dynasty, 1644-1911 / Myron L. Cohen -- Japan's modernities, 1850s-1990s / Carol Gluck -- Modern China, 1840-1990 / Madeleine Zelin -- Modern India, 1885-1990 / David Lelyveld -- Modern Korea, 1860-1990 / Michael E. Robinson.
  • South Asian history: a cursory review / Ainslie T. Embree -- Themes in Southeast Asian history / David J. Steinberg -- The Sinic world / Joshua A. Fogel -- Themes in Chinese history / Madeleine Zelin -- China in the context of world history / Frederic Wakeman, Jr. -- Some misconceptions about Chinese history / Cho-yun Hsu -- Patterns of the past: themes in Japanese history / Carol Gluck -- Themes in Korean history / Michael E. Robinson -- Asia and Latin America in the context of world history / Theopolis Fair -- Japan and America: a tale of two civilizations / Carol Gluck -- A concrete panoply of intercultural exchange: Asia in world history / Lynda Norene Shaffer.
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