Space weather / Paul Song, Howard J. Singer, George L. Siscoe, editors.

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  • Preface/ Paul Song Howard J. Singer George L. Siscoe
  • Section I. Introduction.
  • U. S. National Space Weather Program: A Retrospective/ R. M. Robinson R. A. Behnke p. 1.
  • Space Weather Effects on Technologies/ Louis J. Lanzerotti p. 11.
  • Space Weather Forecasting: A Grand Challenge/ H. J. Singer G. R. Heckman J. W. Hirman p. 23.
  • Space Weather: Lessons from the Meteorologists/ Robert P. McCoy p. 31.
  • What We Must Know About Solar Particle Events to Reduce the Risk to Astronauts/ Ron Turner p. 39.
  • Living With a Star/ George L. Withbroe p. 45.
  • Space Weather: European Space Agency Perspectives/ E. J. Daly A. Hilgers p. 53.
  • Space Weather: Japanese Perspectives/ Y. Kamide p. 59.
  • Space Weather: Russian Perspectives/ M. Panasyuk p. 65.
  • Section II. Origin of Space Weather: The Sun and Its Influence.
  • Solar Wind and Interplanetary Magnetic Field: A Tutorial/ C. T. Russell p. 73.
  • Space Weather and the Changing Sun/ E. N. Parker p. 91.
  • SEPs: Space Weather Hazard in Interplanetary Space/ Donald V. Reames p. 101.
  • Origin and Properties of Solar Energetic Particles in Space/ S. W. Kahler p. 109.
  • Solar Sources of Geoeffective Structures/ D. F. Webb N. U. Crooker S. P. Plunkett O. C. St. Cyr p. 123.
  • Theory of Coronal Mass Ejections/ James A. Klimchuk p. 143.
  • MHD Modeling of the Solar Corona and Inner Heliosphere: Comparison With Observations/ Pete Riley Jon Linker Zoran Mikic Roberto Lionello p. 159.
  • From Sun to Earth: Multiscale MHD Simulations of Space Weather/ Tamas I. Gombosi Darren L. DeZeeuw Clinton P. T. Groth Kenneth G. Powell C. Robert Clauer Paul Song p. 169.
  • Visualizing CMEs and Predicting Geomagnetic Storms from Solar Magnetic Fields/ Yan Li Janet G. Luhmann J. Todd. Hoeksema Xuepu Zhao C. Nick Arge p. 177.
  • Prediction of Southward IMF Bz/ J. K. Chao H. H. Chen p. 183.
  • Specifying Geomagnetic Cutoffs for Solar Energetic Particles/ John W. Freeman Seth Orloff p. 191.
  • Status of Cycle 23 Forecasts/ David H. Hathaway Robert M. Wilson Edwin J. Reichmann p. 195.
  • Solar Activity Predicted with Artificial Intelligence/ Henrik Lundstedt p. 201.
  • STEREO Space Weather Broadcast/ O. C. St. Cyr J. M. Davila p. 205.
  • Section III. Specification and Prediction of the Magnetosphere.
  • 70 Years of Magnetospheric Modeling/ G. L. Siscoe p. 211.
  • MHD Simulation of Magnetospheric Transport at the Mesoscale/ W. W. White J. A. Schoendorf K. D. Siebert N. C. Maynard D. R. Weimer G. L. Wilson B. U. O. Sonnerup G. L. Siscoe G. M. Erickson p. 229.
  • Modeling Extreme Compression of the Magnetosphere: Results From a Global MHD Simulation of the May 4, 1998 Event/ J. Berchem M. El-Alaoui M. Ashour-Abdalla p. 241.
  • Model Predictions of Magnetosheath Conditions/ P. Song p. 249.
  • Nowcasting and Forecasting the Magnetopause and Bow Shock Locations Based on Empirical Models and Real-Time Solar Wind Data/ S. M. Petrinec p. 257.
  • Modeling Inner Magnetospheric Electrodynamics/ F. R. Toffoletto R. W. Spiro R. A. Wolf J. Birn M. Hesse p. 265.
  • Empirical Magnetic Field Models for the Space Weather Program/ N. A. Tsyganenko p. 273.
  • Dynamic Radiation Belt Modeling at Air Force Research Laboratory/ J. M. Albert D. H. Brautigam R. V. Hilmer G. P. Ginet p. 281.
  • Radiation Belt Electron Acceleration by ULF Wave Drift Resonance: Simulation of 1997 and 1998 Storms/ Mary K. Hudson Scot R. Elkington John G. Lyon M. Wiltberger Marc Lessard p. 289.
  • Modeling the Transport of Energetic Particles in the Magnetosphere with Salammbo/ D. Boscher S. Bourdarie p. 297.
  • Search for Predictable Features of Relativistic Electron Events: Results from the GEM Storms Campaign/ G. D. Reeves K. L. McAdams R. H. W. Friedel T. E. Cayton p. 305.
  • Forecasting Kilovolt Electrons/ R. A. Wolf R. W. Spiro T. W. Garner F. R. Toffoletto p. 313.
  • Specification of Energetic Magnetospheric Electrons/ D. F. Moorer D. N. Baker p. 321.
  • Predicting Geomagnetic Storms as a Space Weather Project/ Syun-Ichi Akasofu p. 329.
  • Predicting Geomagnetic Activity: The D[subscript st] Index/ Robert L. McPherron Paul O'Brien p. 339.
  • Space Weather Effects on Power Systems/ D. H. Boteler p. 347.
  • Advanced Geomagnetic Storm Forecasting for the Electric Power Industry/ John Kappenman p. 353.
  • Section IV. Specification and Prediction of the Ionosphere and Thermosphere.
  • Ionospheric Climatology and Weather Disturbances: A Tutorial/ R. W. Schunk p. 359.
  • On Forecasting Thermospheric and Ionospheric Disturbances in Space Weather Events/ R. G. Roble p. 369.
  • Geomagnetic Storm Simulation With a Coupled Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Model/ Joachim Raeder Yongli Wang Timothy J. Fuller-Rowell p. 377.
  • Forecasting Ionospheric Electric Fields: An Interplanetary Coupling Perspective/ Nelson C. Maynard William J. Burke p. 385.
  • Capturing the Storm-Time F-Region Ionospheric Response in an Empirical Model/ T. J. Fuller-Rowell M. V. Codrescu E. A. Araujo-Pradere p. 393.
  • Ionospheric Response for the Sept. 24-25, 1998 Magnetic Cloud Event/ R. M. Winglee D. Chua M. Brittnacher G. K. Parks p. 403.
  • FAST Observations of Ion Outflow with Magnetic Storms/ J. P. McFadden Y. K. Tung C. W. Carlson R. J. Strangeway E. Moebius L. M. Kistler p. 413.
  • Specification and Forecasting of Outages on Satellite Communication and Navigation Systems/ S. Basu K. M. Groves p. 423.
  • New Systems for Space Based Monitoring of Ionospheric Irregularities and Radio Wave Scintillations/ P. A. Bernhardt J. D. Huba C. A. Selcher K. F. Dymond G. R. Carruthers G. Bust C. Rocken T. L. Beach p. 431.
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  • Space weather is considered to be conditions on the Sun and in the solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere, and thermosphere that can influence the reliability and performance of space-borne or ground- based technological systems. Song (environmental earth and atmospheric sciences, U. of Massachusetts), Singer (Space Environment Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), and Siscoe (Center for Space Physics, Boston U.) present 50 articles on current understanding and advances in the description and prediction of space weather. Nine of the articles, accessible to non-specialists, touch upon broad issues of space weather in the area of technology, science, industry, and commerce. The remaining articles are geared more towards the scientific community and address the sun and its influence on space weather, specification and prediction of the magnetosphere, and specification and prediction of the ionosphere and thermosphere. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

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