Polar microbiology : the ecology, biodiversity, and bioremediation potential of microorganisms in extremely cold environments / editors, Asim K. Bej, Jackie Aislabie, Ronald M. Atlas.

  • 1st ed.
  • Boca Raton : Taylor & Francis 2010
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  • Front cover; Contents; Preface; Editors; Contributors; Chapter 1. Microbiology of Antarctic Terrestrial Soils and Rocks; Chapter 2. Archaeal Diversity in Antarctic Ecosystems; Chapter 3. Bacterial Biodiversity of Antarctica: Conventional Polyphasic and rRNA Approaches; Chapter 4. L.I.F.E. in Antarctic Lakes; Chapter 5. Psychrophilic and Psychrotolerant Microbial Extremophiles in Polar Environments; Chapter 6. Cold Adaptation in Antarctic Biodegradative Microorganisms
  • Chapter 7. Possible Role of Bacteriophage- Mediated Horizontal Gene Transfer on Microbial Adaptation to Environmental Stressors in Polar EcosystemsChapter 8. Sources of Organic Matter for the Archean Cryosphere; Chapter 9. Response of Polar Soil Bacterial Communities to Fuel Spills; Chapter 10. Microbial Degradation of Petroleum Compounds in Cold Marine Water and Ice; Chapter 11. Potential for Microbial Biodegradation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Polar Environments; Chapter 12. Tolerance of Antarctic Soil Fungi to Hydrocarbons and Their Potential Role in Soil Bioremediation
  • Chapter 13. Do Fertilizers Help in Effective Bioremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Polar Soils?Chapter 14. Bioremediation of Contaminated Sites in the Canadian Arctic: Monitoring Performance and the Effects of Biostimulation Using Molecular Methods; Chapter 15. Occurrence, Distribution, and Nature of Hydrocarbon-Degrading Genes in Biodegradative Microorganisms from the Antarctic Environment; Chapter 16. Potential Use of Real- Time PCR to Assess Changes in the Microbial Population Structure and Function during Bioremediation of Polar Soils
  • Chapter 17. Microbial Bioremediation in Polar Environments: Current Status and Future DirectionsIndex; Back cover
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  • Pollution has accompanied polar exploration since Captain John Davis' arrival on the Antarctic continent in 1821 and has become an unavoidable consequence of oil spills in our polar regions. Fortunately, many of the organisms indigenous to Polar ecosystems have the ability to degrade pollutants. It is this metabolic capacity that forms the basis for bioremediation as a potential treatment for the hydrocarbons that contaminate the pristine polar environments. The only book to cover the breadth of microbial ecology and diversity in polar regions with an emphasis on bioremediatio

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